1. My best friends secret

    Date: 2/12/2020, Categories: Gay Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: eddieperry, Source: xHamster

    (The only reason I'm describing this story is 1) His wife would never find out about it because she hates porn and 2) it makes me rock hard just typing it out, because I had been waiting SO long for a trusting cock in my mouth.It was supposed to be just an ordinary day until an old friend called me out of the blue. He was part of our "gang" growing up. We were like the k**s from Stand By Me. Always together. Me, Steven and the person who called me, Greg.Hopefully you read my other story (completely true by the way!) about how Steven basically seduced me into being with him, going down on my friend I had known for years. Becoming more than just friends as he repeatedly had me suck his large cock, over and over, making me, for lack of a better tern, his fuck slave. Once he told me how he felt, oh, the things he did to me I still remember to this day. His long pink shaft sliding in and out of my mouth, there to please him until he erupted, crying out in pleasure, made me feel so good.It was kind of surprising that Greg called me. We weren't as good a friends as I was with Steven and had lost touch for years. Apparently he was getting married and wanted me to come to his wedding, but first, just wanted to get together and talk old times, since he wouldn't have time to catch up at his wedding.We decided to meet at a bar downtown. Greg was older than I remember, but aren't we all? He was about 5'8, a little stocky and had a nicely trimmed beard.For the first hour or so, we talked and laughed about the old days and the stupid things we would do, but then, Greg's face changed. I could see something was bothering him."What is it? You look like you want to tell me something serious.", I said."It's just, " he stuttered, "You can't say anything to anyone if I tell you, ok?""I won't."Greg looked around, scooted his chair up closer to me and looked around again. "Look, man. I've been holding on to this for some time and I have to know...""What?!" I said impatiently."Did you and Steve ever......you know...." he said, looking down at his dick."What?!", I said. The blood drained from my face. I felt it. My hands went clammy. "No, why would you say that?""Dude, it's fine. I know you did.""How did you know?""Because, " he said. He then lowered his voice more and said, "Because that's how he got me to do it."I didn't fully understand at first."Steve and I were drinking one night and he spilled the beans about how he seduced you into sucking his dick. We started laughing about it but, dude..."I was starting to run out of ways to say it, but again I said, "What?!""We started....fooling around also.""Are you k**ding me?", I asked."No. We did it about 5 or 6 times before he left."I couldn't believe it. Both of the friends I grew up with had been with each other and I have to say, I felt a little jealous."I wanted to meet with you because I had something to ask, but I needed to know how you felt about Steve and stuff first.""Well, now you know everything.""Well, that's ...