1. Evelyn - my gorgeous teen sister #2

    Date: 2/12/2020, Categories: Fantasy Consensual Sex Straight Sex First Time Incest / Taboo Teen Author: mystyque, Source: sexstories.com

    It had been months since I had drugged Evelyn, my 19 years old sister, and had my way with her. The cover-up had worked splendidly: all Evelyn remembered, or thought she remembered, was that she had had way too much to drink and ended up sleeping a hole in the next day. How pathetically naive of her. I kept thinking about it all the time. I had hoped sleeping with her would get it out of my system, so we could have a healthy brother-sister relationship. But the opposite had happened. Evelyn always used to be the girl I could only think about, but never touch. After our secret escapades, however, I only wanted more of her. All of her. Even her conscience. On one of our parents' trips across the country, I visited Evelyn, who was home alone - I had moved out and lived on my own. I would have dinner with her, spend the night, make sure she wasn't doing anything stupid (like she ever did), and be on my way again. The moment I arrived, she kissed me on the cheek. Never had I ever had such a tough time controlling myself. There was a tornado of bad thoughts inside my head. I would grope her, I would pin her down on the table and devour her, whether she liked it or not. I didn't, of course, but the thoughts were there. Instead, I did what I always did: gently lay my hand on her hip. For her, it felt like the usual brother-sister greeting, but for me, it was a way of getting to touch that gorgeous body. I could have easily done the same thing I had done before. I could have drugged her, dragged her upstairs, and pretended nothing happened afterwards. But that wasn't enough any more. Evelyn had to feel it, she had to know it - she had to want it. After dinner, we sat down on the couch. We watched a movie, or better: Evelyn watched a movie, and I watched Evelyn. I admired the thin, soft shape of her body. I could see a few square inches of her breasts, ones that forgot to seek cover under her shirt. I saw the outlines of her bra, and the tiny bumps where her nipples were hiding. When she moved, her shorts showed the very edge of her thong - I assumed it was a thong -, creeping up into the light. My thoughts went back to the day I had pulled them off her motionless body, only to sneak them back on again when I was done with her. I touched her. I laid my arm around her, in a way brothers could do. She enjoyed it and rested her head on my shoulder, not taking her eyes off the television. My fingers ran up and down her upper arm. I thought she barely noticed, but when I quit for a brief moment, she looked up at me and smiled. Apparently, she was totally fine with me touching her. So I decided to try and find where the limit was. I sat up and laid my hand on her belly. No reaction. I tickled her, waited until she laughed, and then held my hand still again. Nothing. I lowered my hand, all the way down to her shorts. I flicked them, getting a quick peek of her black thong. Finally, Evelyn laid her hand on mine and looked up at me. "Quinn?" "What?" "What are you ...