1. Maggie's Boyfriend

    Date: 2/12/2020, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Anal Fetish Author: LeCoach, Source: xHamster

    "Remember the sixties? Well, I do. Great fun back then and my main stoner buddy was John Brockton or Johnny B. as we called him. Horniest guy I knew back then but he couldn't get laid in a whorehouse. Just his luck I guess. anyway, he graduated college and became a Phd which resulted in three marriages...if you have money you can get laid! He finally stuck with a woman he met in New England and they settled down.But he had a daughter with one of his wives and she took after her old man. Married a loser at 17 and got involved with substance abuse. She bounced around for a few years and then gave up drinking and got her life in order. Still, it was a bit of a surprise when I got a message that she was moving back to northern California and was looking for help finding a room. Rents are outrageous in the Bay area and I eventually decided to rent a room in my house to her. Our schedules didn't coincide so we would rarely see each other and I figured I could help my old friend out by looking after his daughter.I was kind of shocked when I saw Maggie all grown up. I hadn't seen her in many years and now, my god! She was a dead ringer for her dad! Very feminine of course but her facial features were very similar. Shiny dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, she was very pleasant to look at, that's for sure. Just twenty years old, she was waiting tables at a well known San Francisco restaurant and making good money.She also met her share of young men and, from time to time, they would pick her up for dates at my house. I did my best not to act like her father but on more than one occasion I heard her headboard bumping against the wall as she entertained a suitor in her bedroom late at night.Then she met Dan. It seemed like they were having a whirlwind romance and seeing a lot of each other, like every day. I eventually asked Maggie about her new beau. It was a sunny Sunday morning and neither of us had any commitments for the day."Well, I really like him..." she admitted, "But he is pushing me for sex and, well, we don't really know each other that well yet." I found myself thinking "You see the guy every day but don't know him that well?""You have the right to take your time Maggie." I reminded her. I well understood the urgency that hormones bestows upon young people but still, you can get in trouble moving too fast."I know but then I get this Snapchat..." She showed me her phone. The message said: "Send nudes."Honestly! I know I'm old school these days but, wow! In my day you really had to work hard to get anywhere with a woman and now you just say: Send Nudes! And they respond? Sheesh! Maggie explained that "All the girls do it" which made little sense to me but, again, I'm old."So now you just send nude photos to this guy?" Maggie raised her eyes towards heaven and said, "Oh, I guess so.""Selfies?" I wondered."They don't have to be Playboy quality, he just wants to see...what I have." She replied smiling."Showing...everything?" I couldn't help but ask. ...