1. Story Of Arpita – Part I – Wife At Stake

    Date: 2/12/2020, Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex Mature / Older Author: bava12, Source: xHamster

    This story is about Arpita – a recently married housewife is her mid twenties, and how her ideal married life takes an unusual turn and the resulting series of unfortunate events. I have thought this to be a 3 part story originally –Part 1 – Wife at StakePart 2 – Once a whore always a whorePart 3 – Mr. Richard’s fuck toyBut now I am also thinking about a fourth sequel – Arpita’s Revenge. Currently I am working on the finishing bits of the second part (a synopsis available at the end of this story) and will be posted as soon as it is ready. If you have come to like this story and want to read the second part too, kindly mail me at xxxauthor@gmail.com with your comments and suggestions to make it a better experience for you.The part 1 (Wife at Stake) is about a young newly married couple, who had just started making a life at the big city and is immediately faced with ever dynamic challenges of this harsh world. The boy suddenly loses his job and has no other mean to support his family, that is when the wife steps up and put all they have at stake. Can she take what her husband’s bosses have in store for her? Lets find out…Chapter 1The taxi took a ninety degrees turn to enter into the busy streets of the city. It was slowly heading towards the city exit. Pritam looked towards his wife, Arpita, she was gazing at the various people outside. Her hand was placed on the vacant area of the seat beside her. Pritam gently placed his hand on her hand and squeezed it softly. Arpita turned to look back at her husband and then tried to manufacture a smile. But the tension was clearly visible on her face. She looked both tensed as well as anxious.“It’s OK. You don’t have to do it” said Pritam, in a caring tone.Arpita nodded her head thoughtfully and then held back his hand tightly. “Don’t worry, I am fine. It’s just that I am a bit anxious”, and then she slid towards her husband and placed her head on his shoulder.Pritam rubbed his fingers on her cheeks lightly and then kissed on her forehead as a consolation.“And I am doing this for us, for a better future for us” Arpita took a deep breath before saying. “But I am afraid you may start hating me after today”, her eyes were moist and she looked so innocent and beautiful. Pritam hugged her immediately and kissed on her forehead again.“Don’t you even think about that, my love and respect for you have already grown immensely after you took this decision. You are making the ultimate sacrifice any wife can do” and then both of them hugged each other and sat tightly while the taxi crawled through the busy street of the city towards the highway.***Just a week ago Pritam had suddenly received his termination notice letter at his office. The company was going through a rough patch and so it had decided to lay off a few people until things improved. And Pritam was one among the unfortunates who were facing the axe. Recently he had not been able to meet his sales targets by big margins. And the market too was truly getting ...