1. Conditional Blackmail dice dare for Female

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: BDSM Humor Mature / Older Author: xossiplov, Source: xHamster

    Hi all!I love the blackmail dice dares, but all seem pretty similar to me, so I tried to include some twists, while keeping the good parts.There are 5 levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, Final.The info and picture parts are obvious. The condition is an extra task you have to do before you continue, and stay like that for the rest of the dare.In each level roll a 6 sided die for the condition first, then the info and finally the picture.If the sub doesn't complete the dare, the dom is entitled to expose all info however sees fit. If the sub completes the dare, the dom deletes all info.Female subs should contact me in private to apply to play. Others are welcome to look for doms/subs in the thread.Without further introduction:=========Easy level:=========Condition:1.pour water over head2.pour water on boobs3.pour water on crouch4.pour water on ass5.pour water in pants6.Do it allInfo:1.first name2.last name3.city you live in4.street address5.job6.Roll again, roll twicePicture:1.Full frontal body photo with face, clothed.2.Full frontal body photo without face, clothed.3.Full body photo from the back with face, clothed.4.Closeup face photo5.Full body photo on all fours with face, clothed.6.Roll again, roll twice.=========Medium level:=========Condition:1.socks in mouth2.water in mouth3.panties over head4.panties in mouth5.lipstick applied with left hand closed eyes6.clown makeup with lipstickInfo:1.company you work at2.last school attended3.full name4.name of your secret crush5.a club/bar you regularly attend6.google maps link of your homePicture:1.Face and boobs photo wearing bra2.Panties photo from front3.Panties photo from the back4.Full body photo without face in panties and bra, pants pushed down to knees5.Full body photo with face in panties and bra, pants pushed down to knees6.Roll again, roll twice.=========Hard level:=========Condition:1.write your first name on your stomach2.write your full name on your stomach3.write "use me" on your chest4.write "cum slut" below your belly button5.draw a dick on your face6.do all the aboveInfo:1.male facebook friends profile2.female facebook friends profile3.your facebook profile4.female friends email5.male friends email6.your emailPicture:1.Face and boobs photo covering boobs with hand2.Lower body photo from the front, covering pussy with hand3.One finger mirror selfie with face4.Full body photo without face naked, covering boobs and pussy5.Full body photo with face naked, covering boobs and pussy6.Roll again, roll twice.=========Extreme level:=========Condition:1.Do 25 jumping jacks and 25 pushups, repeat until your body is sweaty.2.stuff panties in pussy halfway3.stuff panties in your ass halfway4.paint nipples with lipstick5.paint pussylips with lipstick6.Roll all conditions againInfo:1.your crush's facebook profile2.your longest time facebook friend's profile3.a coworker's facebook profile4.your crush's email5.your longest time friend's email6.a coworker's emailPicture:1.Full body frontal, naked, ...