1. Netball Balls - V2

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: Anal Trans Incest / Taboo Author: dirtyjenna, Source: xHamster

    A trans sissy’s return to school.Vince brought his car to a halt outside the school railings on its carpark with his sexy little femboy faggot sat in the passenger seat, excited and nervous at the same time.‘Thanks’ Vince for dropping me off’ Anna says as she gives Vince a cheeky kiss on his lips, she lingers her mouth a centimetre from his and rests her scrawny hand momentarily on his lap with a dirty grin. ‘I’ll pick you up as well once you’re done and we can engage in our own activities together, my little kitten’, Vince replies reminding Anna of her new sissy cat-outfit he had ordered for her. The school’s well-equipped facilities doubled as a community centre on the evenings. Anna headed inside in her kit where her recently joined netball team played; this was her first game as Anna! If Vince, her black next-door neighbour had it his way, she wouldn’t have made it past his bed room door as she got changed into her netball kit at his house before they left. Anna had to admit Vince helped her become a more confident sissy, after they had engaged in many nights of pleasure together. It was hard for her to resist his love length; such was the size of the thing. Nevertheless, Anna had “come out” as transgender to her friends at school and about her sexuality, It was necessary after all for her to be a part of the girls netball team, in which they all chose to do to keep in touch after leaving school only 4 months ago.As Anna sat there in the dressing room alone waiting for the girls, she began to notice under these bright lights that, her pink French knickers she had worn where slightly showing under her white under-shorts, designed to hide her private parts beneath her combi-vest-skirt netball kit. She had to hope that the skirt line would be low enough to cover the exposing knickers, as there was no way she could lower her skirt, due to it being more of an all in one dress kit that connected to thin straps over her tiny shoulders.Anna had noticed her hormones were just starting to take visual effect. Her nipples had been sore for some time now and they were forming outwards. Vince had insisted Anna take the hormones if she was to be his true sissy faggot girlfriend.Anna hadn’t worn a bra and began to feel self-conscious about making some dressing errors, yet again. It was obvious at this stage she was just going through the transition learning from mistakes. Her hair hadn’t fully grown through yet. Those nipples poked out on a flat chest and her nails painted in pink matched her lippy that was wearing off, as Vince really did try to keep her in his house by kissing her until they opened the front door. Anna was impressed with her fake tan on her now glowing bare legs, she just had to hope everyone here was going to be supportive, especially those who she was yet to inform.The sound of the whistle goes for half time of Anna’s netball game. She sits taking in water from a bottle. The sweat had run down her youthful red cheeks and she could feel ...