1. Things get wild in Africa. Pt 3.

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    Things get wild in Africa. Pt 3 I had just finished my morning shower, I glanced out of the window as I dried and saw Mary walking up the path. I could see she had her snake sticks with her. I finished off quickly, got myself dressed and rushed off to meet her. “Hi Mary, how are you this morning?” “Well if you must know, my arse is sore,” she said but with a grin and then “I’ve come round early so I could get you on my own. We need to talk. Let’s go up the lake path before the others see us.” As soon as we out of sight she said it was far enough and we looked for somewhere safe to sit. “You could give me a nice kiss first before we chat.” She then explained that perhaps she had made a mistake, as when she had got home the previous evening, Jane had pressured her for details of what occurred after she and Mandi had left. So without having given it any thought, she had gone ahead and told her everything. They had never kept secrets from each other and it just seemed the thing to do. She went on, the trouble is that Jane now expects the same. Mandi and I are both eighteen but Jane is a bit younger and besides she’s never been away from home she tells me that she hasn’t even broken inside yet if you know what I mean? I told her that I had already noticed that and I had been careful. “So what now?” she asked me. “I could tell her that I don’t have any more rubbers” I replied. She didn’t look too pleased with my suggestion, saying “That would do it but then I’d have to go without from now on because I couldn’t have us do it behind her back and then have to lie to her.” We sat in silence with no obvious answer coming to mind, eventually, I said that we had the rest of the day to think about it and come up with an answer. We then slowly we walked back, hand in hand. A short time later Mandi appeared, calling out a bright hello but I noticed she looked at me rather shyly. Mary told me that she wanted to explain to Mandi our dilemma and could I leave them alone for a bit. So saying I would fetch some drinks, I took myself off. Giving them plenty of time, I waited a while before going to look for them. I immediately noticed Mandi giving me a rather strange look but they both seemed relaxed enough. At the garden bench, Mary pointed out that it was a bit odd that Jane had not appeared yet and that she thought she should go and look for her. Mandi and I sat with my arm around her and she lay her head on my shoulder. After a while, she said “I know it’s wrong after what I said to you yesterday but I’m sorry, I feel jealous. I can’t help it. And yet I know that if you had asked me first if we could go all the way that I would probably have said no. But now you’ve done it to Mary, well I want it as well. In fact, I know now that I don’t just want it, I need it!” she said gripping my hand. I could see a few tears rolling down her cheek again, she seemed an emotional young girl that cried very easily. But then I thought maybe she was letting herself fall too deeply ...