1. Things get wild in Africa. Pt 3.

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    ... Aysha to cry as well. They crowded around us and put their arms around us, hugging as they cried. Eventually, when Mary sat up she said “After seeing that, I think we’ve just seen an hour of the most beautiful and deepest love we might ever see. Mandi and Pete are so clearly as one. Jane, Aysha I think it’s just us girls from now on, like it or not!” Aysha reached a hand to Mary and pulled her in, the three girls kissed and cuddled each other. Me, well I had a real problem. “I love you so very much Mandakranta, what are we going to do?” As I held her to me so gently. The look of despair that came over her face was truly heartbreaking. Well, it took time and a lot of talking and shouting between families but here we are many years later, still so much in love and living happily married. Both of our sets of parents have all become friends, our world was good. We have never shared our sex as we did those few days but we never forget. We sometimes talk of it with a fond memory, for it had been an awakening for us. Mary, Jane and even Aysha in Africa are all happily married but we all keep in regular contact to this very day. A wonderful thing is the internet. ps, Jane never did get her fuck, well not from me anyway! But then it transpired that for quite some time, she didn’t want it anymore. She was perfectly happy with Aysha as her lover and who had relatives nearby, so she came to live there and they could meet every day........Under the mango tree of course! pps. It all began with me sitting on a branch and a little girl staring at my cock. Dirty bugger! The end.