1. My New Fuck Buddy

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: Anal Interracial Gay Author: indiantwink, Source: xHamster

    Years ago I decided to try going to a different bath house, it was bigger, they claimed it was also better more men, more variety, supposedly hotter guys, what did I have to lose by trying right. So I headed in, the place was big, not as clean as the other one I usually went to, I took a locker and slowly stripped, I had about three guys watching me get naked, me not being shy I gave them a show, I took my time to remove all my clothes, anticipation will drive a man nuts.I think the one guy wanted to come over and tear my underwear off at the end he was staring at me so intently, I slowly dropped my drawers, he licked his lips hoping I would allow him to sample my dripping cock, I wrapped my towel, headed for the showers, he followed me to the gang showers, I did all I could to drive this poor man to the edge, I bent over to pick up imaginary soap, checking my toe nails, to see they were not to long, stroking my cock, giving him a smile. He was getting very flustered, I grabbed my towel, walked right by him, running my hand on his hairy chest as I did. I am not sure but I think he shot his load right then and there.I looked around, there were so many men in the building, but they all seemed to converge in the basement, they had glory holes, a common area with seating, one were you could tie a guy up, a big round vinyl covered bed in the middle of the room, I, like about twenty others were all standing on the edges of the room watching guys jerking off, one guy being fisted, some were getting fucked, all kinds of sex play to be seen, no need to watch porn, you had it all live.While I surveyed the room I saw this guy, handsome, shaved face, small guy maybe five foot six, petite, when our eyes met I held his gaze, he was on the other side of the room, he slowly made his way to me, he stood directly in front of me waiting for me to make the first move, I ran my hand down his chest, he had hair on the upper portion of his chest, his stomach smooth with a treasure trail to his towel. I placed my hand on the side of his face and pulled him into a kiss, not just a peck I mean tongues meshing, our bodies tight together.My hands were all over his body, his arms around my neck, I released his lips kissing his neck, his chest, his shoulders to his nipples, he had the most amazing nipples, they went to a perfect point, made for sucking. I made my way down, without removing his towel I ran my face across his bump in his towel, I could feel his cock straining to get out, to let me lick his shaft, suck his balls, but I was in charge here, I used my chin to stroke his cock.I again looked him in the eyes, we locked into another kiss, a gentle kiss, he was not a man you were rough with, he wanted someone to make love to him but no strings, I pulled him tight into a hug, held him there, I could hear him sigh, like I was giving him exactly what he wanted, what he needed. I released him from the kiss, but held him to my chest, his hairy chest felt so good on my smooth ...