1. A Strong Alliance: Elzira (Ch. One)

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    The Orc King, Titus sat upon his mount on the battle field, awaiting the Elven King’s army. The Elves were out numbered, Titus was not worried about this battle. His army was ready for blood shed and the pillaging of the villages. Finally he spotted The Elf King riding up on his mount, but he had no men riding at his back, instead a young girl-child rode in front of him on the saddle. Titus was confused but had his archers stand down to allow their approach. As the Elf King drew nearer he saw the beauty of the child, she was an Elf to be sure, her large eyes, tiny frame, and ears set in a point acknowledged that, but her beauty was in her innocent look, the small curve of her still developing frame, the way her body bounced atop the horse as they approached. Titus also noticed what she wore, it was no finely made Elven gown, but a simple sheer shift. Her feet bare as if taken straight from bed. Titus eyed the girl, and then glared at the King. “Where is your army Regen?” Titus doomed “Back at our camps. King Titus, our Kingdoms have fought one another for years now, my people have been beaten back, but your men are also tired, and a long way from home.” Titus beat his fist against his chest twice. “And we shall return home with your blood upon our axes!” The King raised a hand in patience. “I do not doubt that, which is why, I offer you a treaty of peace.” Titus continued to glare, unsure at this new development. “And what would be the details of this treaty?” “You Orcs cannot procreate amongst one another, your women are infertile, and humans are unable to bare your children due to their limited strength. This leaves you to having to turn to Elves to continue your races line. Elves and wild beasts. But Elves are scarce in your land, you find you must pillage our outer villages, and because of this, you are without an heir Titus.” Titus snorted and gnashed his tusked teeth in anger. “Get on with it Regen! Before I lose my patience!” King Regen gestured to the small girl upon his lap. “I however have an abundance of heirs. My second oldest defeated your western fleet ten to one. Their sister is the youngest of thirteen. My wife still has years of producing me heirs. I offer you Titus, my youngest daughter, Princess Elzira as my peace treaty to you. Specifically to you, so you also may produce an heir.” Titus was stunned, and suspicious. Never had there been a high born Elf offered as an alliance with with the Orcs. Never had there been any Elf offered to the Orcs. “She must be too young to bare an heir.” He said, eyeing the princess’s small frame. She was only about 4 feet high to his burly 7 and a half feet. “I assure you she is fertile. Elves are not like the human race, they mature much more quickly as to be efficient, and we live much longer as well.” Titus re-adjusted in his saddle. The idea of a young Elven wife to produce his heirs was a tantalizing thought, and this Elf child was beautiful. Even now, with her eyes averted, dark thick ...