1. Brother's Incestous Bet Chapter 7: Sister Helps Breed Mom

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    Brother's Incestuous Bet (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Seven: Sister Helps Breed Mom By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Sean Reenburg Anger was rising in me despite the bliss that billowed through me from cumming in my sister's pussy. She was trembling against me, sandwiched between Dad and me, his cock buried in her asshole. He had a pale look on his face. He wasn't thrilled having to deal with his secretary, Vanessa, who he, apparently, was fucking. A woman who'd abused my little sister today. When I came home, Maria was depressed and moping in the gazebo. I thought she was just dejected that Dad rejected her.. I cheered her up and motivated her to go fuck Dad while I realized what I had to do to seduce Mom. Turned out, Dad's secretary was a cunt. “How are we going to do it?” I asked, Mom's large breasts rubbing against my back. She shifted behind me, her wet bush rubbing on my ass. She'd humped against me as I fucked my little sister. “Get back at Vanessa?” “Yeah?” Dad agreed. “She can... blackmail me.” “You should have thought of that before you fucked her,” Mom hissed. ”But I'll clean up your mess like always.” Dad squirmed. Mom rolled away from me. Her breasts swaying as she stood up, those lovely mounds jiggled. “We'll worry about that later.” Mom glanced at me, her face softening. “Come along, Sean and Maria. I'd like some quality time with my children.” My dick throbbed in Maria's pussy. “Um... what about me?” Dad asked, his voice quiet. Mom's expression when hard again. “You can sleep on the couch and think about the consequences.” I rolled away from Maria, eager to have more fun with Mom and to play with Maria at the same time without Dad around. If Maria wanted to fuck Dad, that was her business. Maria rolled over and kissed Dad on the lips. “Sorry, but I want to go play with them.” “Yeah,” Dad groaned as he rolled over on his back. I grabbed Mom's hand, then snagged Maria's as she rolled off the bed. They stood side by side, Mom's breasts larger, Maria's perkier. They both had blonde hair, blue eyes. They looked close together, Mom a mature version of Maria. My little sister a blossoming version of Mom. She'd inherited good genes. I led them out of my bedroom and heading towards the master bedroom, my eyes flicking back and forth between them. Their swayed, Mom's more than Maria's. My dick twitched, but it wasn't getting hard. I'd fucked a lot in the last hour. Maria outside. Mom twice. Then Maria again as Dad and I pounded her. I was feeling my limits. I didn't want that to be the case. Not when I had my mom and sister to play with. My hands squeezed theirs as I backed into my parents room, the bed still mused from our family fucking. Feeling a little embarrassed as I brought them to the bed, sitting down on it, both of them before me, their bodies pressed together. “I'm feeling... a little tapped out,” I said. “I'm going to need a minute.” “Oh, running out of lead?” Maria asked, a mischievous smile on her face. She grabbed my ...