1. middleageminx secret meeting

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, First Time Author: middleageminx, Source: xHamster

    We’d agreed to meet, i’d meet you at Liverpool Street station around 11.30 during the week. We were both nervous wondering what the day would hold and if we’d click. We met as agreed and went for a drink and a chat, you couldn’t resist teasing me with your lovely legs and beautiful smile, we're soon flirting and your giving me the occasional flash of stocking top, always teasing. When I suggested that we go somewhere else, i’d booked a room earlier. Feeling full of mischief you happily came along. When we got to the room, you could see I’d been there earlier as a cold bottle of champagne was in a bucket on the table. I poured a couple of glasses and sat opposite you as you smiled and pull your skirt up to show me your gorgeous legs and stockings. You could see the immediate effect as my bulge grew, you told me to sit still and just watch as you slowly undid you blouse, revealing a beautiful black bra, you loved to tease, you then slowly unzipped your skirt and let it fall to the ground, showing your fabulous legs and beautiful body, telling me to stay seated, you undid your bra to reveal your gorgeous tits, still watching my bulge grow as you teased me, walking over and brushing your tits against me. Telling me to stay in my seat or you’d stop, I watched as you turned, your beautiful bum and lovely legs looked so good. Then you sat opposite me and slowly rolled your stockings down, taking them off and laying them with your clothes, you then came over to me and grabbed my hand and pushed it down inside your knickers. It felt so good, but you pulled it out and moved back a step, teasing again, with such a lovely smile on your face. Then you pulled your knickers down and asked if I liked the show. You already knew the answer as you could see that my zip was about to explode as my cock had grown so hard. I stood and moved you over to the bed, laying you down and spread your arms wide, I then picked up your stockings and tied one to each of your wrists and then to the bed corners, with another pair that I brought earlier,I tied your ankles to the bottom corners of the bed, now spreadeagled, you never lost that gorgeous smile as I went about my work, finally blindfolding you. Now it was my turn to tease, I gently kissed your lips as my hand moved down to your tits, slowly rubbing them and squeezing your nipples, moving from you mouth I used my tongue until I reached your now stiff nipples, taking them I turns,I kissed and licked them, playing with them with my tongue, keeping them stiff as you began to moan. My hand was now down on the inside of your legs, just gently caressing your leg moving slowly towards you pussy. My hand touched between your legs and you gave a short gasp. I didn’t push my fingers in but stroked your lips, now and again little rubs on your clit, hearing you moan each time I touched it. I moved between you legs, licking from inside your knee to your pussy each side then using my hands, I opened your pussy wide so that I could push ...