1. Tied for Two

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: True Stories Author: marie5555, Source: LushStories

    It was Keith's birthday. Keith was the best mate of my husband Dave, and had been a regular visitor since splitting up with his wife the previous year. He was also an eager and enthusiastic partner in our occasional threesome's. He was in his mid forties and stood a good six inches taller than my own five foot three, the phrase "tall, dark and handsome" could have been made just for him. Tonight we had planned something special for his birthday which we were certain he would enjoy. Dave had come up with the idea a few days ago, and when he suggested it to me, I agreed that it was the perfect gift for Keith. He was not due until 9, so we had plenty of time to prepare. I bathed, enjoying the feel of the hot scented water against my skin, then shaved carefully even though I didn't really need it, making sure I was totally smooth from neck to toes. A hint of fine powder and a few sprays of perfume which had been a present from Keith on my last birthday and I was done Now for what to wear. Stockings obviously, but what kind? Suspenders or hold-ups? Suspenders, old-fashioned but with that blatantly sexy look. On went a lacy black suspender belt, followed by black lace stockings, and the tiniest black tie-sided panties I could find. Really little more than a G-string. He would love those. Shoes with six-inch heels, to push my bottom higher and make it easier for him to grab. No bra, just incredibly pornographic-looking nipple tassels. They pinched a little, making my nipples even more sensitive than usual, but I doubted they would be on for long. I checked the clock, still fifteen minutes to go. I called Dave and he came to finish off the gift. He took a long roll of wide red ribbon, about four inches wide and tied the end gently but firmly round one of my wrists, then across my back to the other. Once that was tied in place, I started turning slowly, arms straight down at my sides and he wrapped the ribbon smoothly around me as I turned, until I was encased in ribbon from just below my waist all the way up to just below my tasselled tits, tying it in a large bow in front.. I looked like a festive mummy. My entire arms were immobilised by my sides from wrists to upper arms. When Keith arrived Dave answered his knock and showed him through to where I was stood waiting. His eyes lit up at the sight of me. "Happy Birthday, Lover," I said, "like it?." His arms went round me in a crushing hug, then he kissed me deeply, tongue exploring my mouth as his hands were fondling my bare buttocks, pulling me in to him so much I could feel his hardness pressing against me through his trousers. One hand left my bum and stroked up over the ribbon to caress my boob. He finally pulled his mouth away from mine. When I had got my breath back I asked him, "Are you not going to open your present?" He smiled at me, hands still wandering around my body. "I think I would rather enjoy it just as it is, thank you." I looked at Dave, then back to Keith, and they were both smiling, ...