1. Ending Up With Father-In-Law

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Author: swathi4u, Source: xHamster

    deletedI started maintaining a separate private number for business. Having screwed by my father, I felt like floating on cloud number 9. It had hardly been a week, when I received a call from daddy on my business phone. I was shocked. He must have got it through Rohan (my brother-in-law cum pimp). I picked up the call, and found that he was offering me thirty grands to spend a night with one of his friends.None of his friends had seen me since I joined high school, so I thought that this is gonna be a safe deal. I noted the hotel and room number, and was very excited thinking that another army man is going to fuck me. To add to this, I was receiving the full sum this time, with Rohan not eating up any commission. Daddy had asked me to wear tight thin t-shirt and jeans, as his friend had a fetish for young girls. He also told me to be prepared for surprises.I dressed up as advised, and wore my favorite purple G-string, and no bra inside. I took a cab to the hotel that night, and was already feeling the thrill of another night with an army man. My nipples poked through my t-shirt, and I was greeted with ogling smiles on the face of the hotel receptionist and the lift man. The lift man while taking me to my client’s room, asked, “Are you going to 509?”I was surprised how he knows about it, and said, “Yes, how do you know?” He answered, “Mr. Gupta is today in there, and this is a routine.” When I asked him what does he mean by “this”, he replied without any hesitation and a sly smile, “Young girls visiting him at night, I am not so naive?” I couldn’t believe that I was being called a whore by a lift man. I stayed calm, approached the room, thinking that it would be very difficult to satisfy this new customer.It made me nervous, as I knocked the door. As soon as the door opened, I was in shock. My father-in-law’s friend, Vijay Gupta, was standing right opposite to me, wearing his boxer only. Before I could say a word, he asked me to come in, and locked the door. He had a wicked smile on his face, as if something fishy was going on in his mind. “Uncle, this is embarrassing, no body needs to know about it,” I told my uncle.He replied immediately, “Yes Annie, this will be our dirty little secret.” I looked around the room, and it was prepared for wild sex involving bondage. Two chains hanging down from the ceiling with nylon cuffs, more ropes lying around, candles. I knew I was up for a treat tonight. Vijay put his arm behind my back, and kissed me, and walked me to the hand cuffs. His penis was poking at my crotch.About Vijay, he was a man in his late fifties, fat, and balding. But he was always known to be a bad guy, because of his outspoken nature on social occasions. I had noted him making passes at my mother-in-law, and aunts, in the form of sexual innuendos. He put my arms in the cuffs, and I was already a captive. He kissed my neck, and played with my hairs, as he moved behind me, and worked his way through my jeans’ buttons and fly. I was ...