1. Unconventional tale of Cuckoldry

    Date: 2/13/2020, Categories: Anal Hardcore, Interracial Author: sexozingguy, Source: xHamster

    This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.Standard Disclaimer: This an adult story (You decide!!!) that depicts an unconventional tale of cuckoldry. It explores a lot of related taboos. There is graphic v******e, sex, i****t and borderline pedophilia. If you cannot stomach this, please walk away. But if any of these subjects interest you please read and comment. It’s a novella of sorts. I never intended it to be so long, but there it is. You have been for warned.Billy Hargis was a pastor at a small town church. He had gotten married late to a girl named Saira, who was half his age. Everyone thought that Billy was very benevolent because his wife was a teen mom. At the time Billy met her (he was 35), she was 22 but she was the mother of two girls, Rebecca and Rachel. She had Rebecca when she was 13 and Rachel when she was 14. They were both at ages nine and eight respectively when they met. The father of the c***dren remained a mystery. Although the general consensus was that she was ****d both the times, she had failed to identify the perpetrator of the crime. Most people assumed that she was too scared and probably scarred for life. She was an orphan, so Billy was idolized by many as a selfless and caring human being with a large heart.The truth of the matter was that Billy never had any luck with girls. He was always awkward around women. He didn’t have the right words and he was always nervous around them. Perhaps this had to do with his short and frail stature. His father was unusually harsh on him and he never developed the confidence needed to confront people. When he decided to become a pastor, one of his uncles commented that the job suited him, because he was not going to be good at anything else. So it was a big surprise for Billy when Saira agreed to marry him. Even though she had had two girls, she was still extremely beautiful. To Billy she looked like an Angel, he could not even imagine marrying her even in his wildest dreams. He often wondered who in their right senses would manhandle such a tender creature. But that was the difference between Billy and her captor. He was the most decent human being she had ever met in her life.Billy had always been looked upon as a kind and gentle human being, but he knew that he was anything but that. The thoughts that boiled through his mind could shame even a murderer on death row. For his mind vacillated between the shameful admissions of guilt and depravity on one end and to the holiness of a saint on the other end. For the most part, he has been able to control his thoughts, but ever so often it would bubble over. On those days he would find himself looking at pornography. He would lock himself in his room pretending to be in prayer, while he would browse at pornography hour after hour. The thing that shamed him the most was that he was not just looking at regular pornography, but it was of the worst kind.He found himself looking ...