1. Mistress to Mistress

    Date: 2/14/2020, Categories: Hardcore, Anal Author: Erozetta, Source: xHamster

    I came home early from work yesterday.And, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from our bedroom as I walked through the front door. I smiled. Today would be the day apparently. I quietly made my way up the stairs and down the long hallway. As I opened the door I had to cover my mouth to keep from moaning myself.Her red hair flowed in long curls down her back, creamy thighs pressing down onto him as she glided up and down. She looked so angelic in the throws of passion. Her hand caressed her neck and her head tilted back as he grabbed her thighs.Neither of them heard me, so I went over to the closet, pulled out some lube, and my favorite toy. They were so into each other that they were oblivious to my presence. I undressed and lubed the toy up quite well.It was a small toy, only about 4" long and about 2.5" thick. I watched my husband raise up to suckle on the girl's beautiful breasts, his hands leaving her thighs only to cup and squeeze her pert apple-sized mounds before returning to her hips to pull her tighter against his crotch.They noticed me only as I climbed onto the bed. Both panicked for a moment. I think they expected to be aware of when I came into the room. She tried to climb off of him and cover herself with a sheet, but I pinned her down, her arms behind her back, my husband's cock still in her dripping cunt as I held her down to his chest. I didn't say a word as I plunged the lubed toy into her ass. She cried out and tried to scoot away. I would have guessed she'd never done anal before, but that would mean I didn't know her and I hadn't used this very toy on her only a week ago. I pulled the toy from her ass and worked the lube into her with my fingers. My husband was trying to get out from under us, but the weight of both girls and the way I had her pressed down onto him was making it difficult to get away.I let go of her arm and grabbed her hair to pull her back up to me, "Want me to stop, Nat?" I spat at her as she started moving her hips against both my husband and the toy I held in my hand.Her voice was tiny, almost weak, "No, mistress," she gasped. I looked to my husband and kissed the back of Nat's neck before I moved my hand around her hips and down to her clit, "Did he even try to get you off yet?" I asked.Nat shook her head and I lifted my finger to 'tsk tsk' my husband. I smiled and brought my hand up her stomach to grope her breast as I held the toy inside of her, "Hunny," I mocked, "If you're going to play with my things you have to do it right."I helped her off of Will's cock and helped her lie down with the toy still up her ass, a large base held it firmly in place, so it would stay safely within her until she lifted her backside from the bed. I took my husband's hand and pulled him up to kneel on the bed beside me, I climbed over her and straddled her waist, facing him and held her pussy open to him."It's not going to eat itself, dear," I laughed.He looked almost scared as he knelt down and gave her hole a ...