1. The Next Day

    Date: 2/14/2020, Categories: Straight Sex Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Shortly after Caleb departed on his booze cruise with the three o’clock passengers, all he could think about were the incredible events of earlier in the day. Without doubt, his session with Sandy was the best and most exciting sex that he had ever had. As he steered the boat, he was totally oblivious to all the chatter around him and simply allowed his assistant to mingle with their passengers. Caleb simply remained at the wheel of the boat, lost in his reverie. He was also continually aware of his throbbing cock. Thankfully, the large shirt he was wearing overhung the front of his shorts, hiding his bulge from view. As he sniffed dreamily, he inhaled the smell of Sandy’s pussy on his beard. Caleb ran his tongue over the hair surrounding his mouth and once more, savoured the taste of her cunt. In his mind’s eye he could see Sandy writhing on her back as he munched her wet beaver. The hot aroma of her snatch and the delicious tang of her rapture, lingered in his brain. He thought about her stiff nipples and berated himself, for not nibbling on them more. Tomorrow, however, he would not let that opportunity pass him by. He imagined how he would give her tits a real working over, the next day. Caleb thought about the look on Sandy’s face, when he first thumped his knob into her in one fell swoop. Sandy’s anxious expression as she gasped was priceless. What had really impressed him was how compliant she had been. He had feared that she may yell at him or try to push him off her, but to his amazement, she had accepted the onslaught. He recollected the delight he felt when he saw the horny look reappear on her face, shortly after he had stuffed her cunt to capacity with his thick dick. He remembered, the incredible tightness of her twat as he started fucking her. Caleb recalled her beautiful lips on his cock-head once he had cum in her mouth. Sandy had suckled the front of his fat pink orb like a thirsty lamb, and he regretted that he didn’t have even more spunk to feed her. Absentmindedly, he placed his left hand in the pocket of his shorts and felt the torn panties she had left behind. The panties were still wet from her rapture and as he fondled them, his dick began to throb with excitement. Caleb reflected on how he had ripped them off her. He had never done anything like that before and couldn’t believe how much it had turned him on. Caleb brought to mind what Sandy had said about the panty ripping episode, and how much it had thrilled her. The comment that she made, thereafter, about leaving her door unlocked the following morning and about wearing an old dress that she didn’t care for, spun in his head. Was she hankering after a forced fantasy? Caleb had always imagined what it would be like to take a woman by force. Naturally, it was just a fantasy that he would never act upon… unless of course, it was consensual. His thoughts were interrupted by a message tone on his phone. As he looked at the phone he saw it was a message from Sandy. They ...