1. it finally happend

    Date: 2/14/2020, Categories: Fiction Consensual Sex Cuckold First Time Group Sex Mature / Older Author: burnleylad32, Source: sexstories.com

    ... pulled down his shorts as did mike there cocks were about the same length and they both had nice hardons which I would guess at 7inch , Jackie took hold of Pauls cock and started to stroke it, once again she looked at me I was in heaven my dreams were coming true, mike moved Jackie the 2 steps to the bed and said to Paul first or second he just said go ahead he guided Jackie on the bed were he got on top of her ,I could hear her say in a faint voice no please please mmmm he was inside my wife slowly and strongly he slid in an out of her picking up speed as he pumped away at her deep inside her paul stood at the side of the bed and guided his hard cock towards her mouth she took it inside her wet warm mouth ,looking at this and listening to Jackie moaning with pleasure I was going to shoot my load, that site will remain with me forever my wife on a bed naked holding her legs in the air with a young lad pumping away at her driving his hard cock into her wet pussy and Paul having her suck his cock, boom I came and came ,I was just recovering when I heard Jackie say in shallow breaths come inside me inside me ahhh ahhh she was coming again saying don’t stop please don’t stop ...
    ... mike was still calling her a filthy slut when I heard him come ,he slowly got of her has his dick fell out of her I could see his come running down the inside of her leg god I hope there clean I thought Paul told her to get on all fours which she did I remember saying fuck her as hard as you want mate she fucking loves it , Paul entered Jackie we could hear his balls making a slapping sound against her bum Jackie was holding on to the pillow very tightly he was really fucking her hard both me and mike were cheering him on ,go on lad fuck the slut ,it wasn’t long before Jackie was moaning I’m coming I’m coming this must have had an effect on Paul he started to com Jackie was screaming don’t stop keep it in come inside me inside me Paul let out a large ahhhh he was done so was Jackie, I could see Jackie’s pussy was swelled and red it looked well used after we cleaned up a bit we ordered a taxi and went back to our apartment. as we watched tv later that night I asked her if she enjoyed herself she looked at me and said we have not to mention it ever again and blamed it on the drink and me being a perv, I have no idea why she wouldn't just admit she liked it and it was fun.