1. Hardcore with neighbour's wife

    Date: 2/14/2020, Categories: BDSM Author: kageink, Source: xHamster

    Hey there it's ink here.To know my details view my profile.This story is based on how i fucked my neighbour's wife. My neighbour's name was Raj and his wife was a hot figured her name was Suvitha.Her age was around mid 30's her stats are 36-32-34.She was hot as hell with a fair skin mallu girl. The story starts here,when i returned home from my college hostel for my study holidays i was so determinant to work hard towards my academics.So i asked my mom to help me out with the unsolved problems in all subjects.She said me to get help from Suvitha since she was a professor in an Engineering college.So i went to her house , i rang the bell and she opened the door after 2 min ,she opened the door when i was about to walk off.Her hairs were wet so i understood she took bath and came,She greeted me inside her home and i started to say about the matter for which i came to her house.She smiled and said that she is ready to help me anytime since she took a year leave to look after her parents who where currently out of station. She then asked for the syllabus and i told her that i need to download them she told that i can use her laptop.She gave her laptop to me and when i opened the screen was just on sleep mode and when the desktop came i was shocked to see a "BLUE FILM" running . She suddenly dont know what to do and she said that it is common and i know that you too would have watched.I started to gain confidence and started to speak about her sex life and she commented that she enjoys herself more than her sex with hubby because her husband had a small cock , she then also said that she is a lover of sex and would love to use different types of product as dildo,then she asked about my life and i said i was virgin and i said i am an account holder in some of sex sites.She as mallu girl asked me that weather i love mallu girls? I replied that i love girls especiall kerala.I said l love to watch aunty sex more. We then shared our numbers and started to chat from that day.One fine day she called me and said that her hubby as went out and she needed a help . I went to her house and she was wearing jyst a blouse and paavadai(petticoat).I was shell shocked to see her beauty she then gave a naughty smile and i just went like a cheetah and kissed her lips and crushed her boobs and ass.She was a wild one too she crushed my balls and i liked it .as i increased my power over her she too did it on me.So we broke the chain and got ready for a hardcore.She told me to tie her up and close her mouth and do some nasty stuff to her.I obeyed and tied her to the pillar and started to lick her pussy she was unable to shout since i plastered her mouth , i kept on licking with some biting over her pussy lips.Then i took a cucumber and just inserted it into her vagina and was masturbating her she loved it and i inserted my pennis into her asshole and was pumping her. I poured oil all over her body and massaged her and bit her at every place and spit on her.I spit on her neck ...