1. Weekend Getaway in Jackson

    Date: 2/14/2020, Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: kycpl4play69, Source: xHamster

    We are lovers who can't get away from our spouses often enough to satisfy our desires for each other. So when we got the opportunity to get away a couple days after Christmas, we took it. The anticipation leading up to the trip was almost uncontrollable. Were we really going to have more than 48 hours of uninterrupted time together? My panties stayed soaked in anticipation for days before we even left. He was practically panting by the time I got in the vehicle with him. The drive to our destination seemed like it took forever and we even had to stop along the way just to kiss and touch each other. As we drove and talked and smiled, I reached over and felt his hard manhood practically coming out of his jeans. His leg shook as I touched him. He reached over and felt my hottness between my legs and I'm sure he felt the moisture that had built up there.We couldn't get to the room fast enough. It was 3 pm and he was stripping me down the second the hotel door was closed. His hands, his tongue, his body was all over mine instantly. I had such a lustful feeling that had built up inside of me. I knew we were going to explore new territory with each other and I knew we were going to bring each other to new heights of pleasure over the next couple of days. I had something very special planned for him already...As we kissed and fondled and felt each other all over, we also whispered to each other how fucking bad we needed one another. He wasted no time feeling my wet panties and slipping a finger into my wet pussy as he let out an approving moan of things to come. He couldn't wait any longer. He told me he needed inside that pussy. He pushed my panties to the side and rubbed the tip of his pulsing cock up and down my clit until he rested the head inside my willing and wanting cunt. Then he pushed in gently and slowly as his body shook with pleasure. I was dripping wet and he had no problem easily sliding inside me until the base of his cock was pressed against my body. His cock is perfect for me. I absolutely love how it feels sliding inside and out of me. I've never been able to cum vaginally until my lover started fucking me in the expert way he does. He hits a spot I never knew existed and the orgasm is so powerful it makes my head spin. As he made love to me, slowly and gently, he looked deep into my eyes and I kept my eyes focused on him as well. I spread my legs wide to let him in deep. I wanted all of him. I wanted him to feel as much pleasure as he could get frome me. I could feel his cock swelling and pulsating inside of me. But he said he had to taste me. So he slid out and gently kissed and worked his way down my body until his head rested between my legs and his eager mouth found my swollen and throbbing clit waiting for that tongue of his. I am multiorgasmic and his tongue does it for me multiple times. I practically came as soon as his tongue touched me. But he backed his tongue strokes off as he felt me getting a little too close. He then ...