1. The Chauffeur (#17) The Fab Five

    Date: 2/18/2020, Categories: Fiction Anal Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Cum Swallowing BDSM Group Sex Job / Office Sex Pregnant, Romance Author: PABLO DIABLO, Source: sexstories.com

    ... flowing from Amy’s eyes. For a moment, I was worried that I had hurt her. She wiped the tears from her face and said to me, “Daddy, I love you so much that it hurts. Will you make me pregnant too? I’m so in love with you that I want your baby as well,” She says to me in a heartfelt manner. I hear Jennifer say, “Fuck me, everyone wants to be pregnant. Am I missing out on something?” I just smile at Jennifer. We’re both a bit older and have already gone through that part of our lives once before. “Jennifer, would you like to join the Commune that I seem to be forming?” She just smiles, knowing that I’m being sarcastic. Although, as I watch her, I wonder if she is considering it. In my head at least, I’ve demonstrated how much I have helped John mature into the man we see now, not that party boy I met just a few months ago. However, I dismiss the thought as I know a pregnancy at her age would be considered ‘risky’. I certainly did not want to cause any type of medical risk with her health. I do love her, just as much as I do all my ladies…. well except for Jill and Dakota. They hold the top spot in my heart and soul. We play together for a couple of more hours before everyone falls asleep with all of us being just one big entanglement. Dakota, of course, figured out a way to put most of her body on top of mine, resting her head gently on my chest. I do remember her delicate fingers swirling my chest hair before drifting off to sleep. I love all the women in my life. Becoming a Chauffeur that day, certainly changed my life for the better forever! Please take a moment and leave a comment if you enjoyed this chapter. This chapter is the longest of the series to date with over 20,600 words…. Again, thank you for your continued reading……PABLO DIABLO.