1. Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 2

    Date: 2/24/2020, Categories: Fiction Black, Interracial Teen Author: Demonhead, Source: sexstories.com

    ... her titties bounce around under her shirt. He looked up at Jesse. “How’d you get this?” Hank asked. “Tyshawn ran her over in the hall after first period and I was just in the right place at the right time.” Jesse said proudly. “I plan on selling this to Crank over at the newsstand.” Jesse said. “What’s he giving you for it?” Hank said. “Why?” Jesse said, his curiosity peaked. “Because I know a guy who will give you about a hundred for this.” Hank said calmly. “Dollars?” Jesse said, not believing what he just heard. “No, rocks, dickhead, of course dollars.” Hank said with a chuckle. He liked this kid but sometimes he was a little slow. “Just for this?” Jesse asked, still in shock. “Yeah, and a lot more if you can get some better shit.” Hank said. “What kind of shit?” Jesse asked. “Well for starters you can get those titties without the shirt. Then if you can get her with a cock in her you can cash in. You get the little blonde whore on the end of a black cock and you can really cash in.” Hank said, calmly as if he was explaining a simple assignment. “Now, how am I going to do that?” Jesse said with a smirk. “It all depends on how serious you are. You want to really do this right we can get together and see what we can do.” Hank said with a smile, counting up the money he thought he could make with this hotshot camera and a kid willing to use it. “What do you have in mind?” Jesse asked, also thinking he had hit the mother lode. Hank snickered and got up and closed the door. He walked back over to Jesse, put his arm around his shoulder and started to explain how they were going to make each other rich.