1. Farmhouse Slave Wife Chapter 2 & 3

    Date: 3/2/2020, Categories: Fantasy Anal BDSM Bestiality, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Lesbian First Time Hardcore, Lactation, Group Sex Non-consensual sex Pregnant, Rape Slavery, Torture, Teen Author: an2772, Source: sexstories.com

    ... cums in my mouth. I go over and kneel by Sir and as he cum in Carol he tells me to clean him and I lick him clean and after I attack Carol I lick and suck her pussy I love the taste of Sirs cum in her pussy as I run my tongue in and out of her hole I suck her clit into my mouth while finger fucking myself and when she cums so do I. As time goes on my belly is getting bigger and so are my breast when they begin to produce milk Sir begins sucking them more and so does Carol and Luke sometimes. Sir tells us that after I have the baby it will be Carol’s turn to have his baby. As time goes on I miss being with the animals and I am always so horny I walk into the barn on day and I see the horse and when he sees me his dick begins to grow I reach under and rub his dick he get excited and I feel my pussy throb and my juices begin to run down my leg I look around to see if anyone is looking and I go down onto my knees and I put his dick in my mouth and I begin to suck the horse off and I get excited I put my hand on my pussy and begin to play with myself when the horse begins to cum I start to cum and when I look up I see Sir and he begins yelling at me I know that I am in trouble. I get up and Sir comes and helps me up he tells me that I will be punished because he told me to stay away from the animals while I am pregnant he slaps me in the face hard and pulls me ...
    ... by the hair he knows that he can’t whip me so he chains me up in the barn and leaves me here. After a while Carol comes in a brings me food and water I ask her is Sir mad and she says yes, he has a list of my punishments for after the baby she comes close to me and rubs my pussy and I start to get wet and I feel like I am about to cum when she stops I look at her and she tells me that Sir told her not to let me cum. I look at her as she leaves me alone chained up. After a while Sir comes and gets me down and carries me into the house where he tells me that I need to follow orders because he has an extensive list of punishments for me and he doesn’t want to hurt his baby put if I continue he will beat me. I look over to see that Carol is tied to the table and she has welts all over her Sir tells me that he beat her because he wanted to beat me. He fucks me nice and soft and I don’t like it I tell him to do it harder and he slaps me in the face and I cum hard he tells me that he doesn’t want to hurt his baby. After he fucks me he unties Carol and has me help her upstairs where I help her into the baby I kiss her and tell her that I will be good. I put my hands between her legs and I rub her to an orgasm I also tell her that I want to lick her pussy and she lets me. I lay on my back and I lick and suck her pussy and she has two orgasms. Chapter 4 coming soon