1. DONNA-The Insurance Man

    Date: 3/4/2020, Categories: Mature / Older Author: maturemancock, Source: xHamster

    It had been just over two weeks since I saw the older lads fuck mum, where I learnt what to do, I’d been playing with myself but couldn’t get that FEELING as I just couldn’t manage it on my own I needed someone else. This Saturday I was in on my own, mum was out, and there was a knock on the door.In those days we used to get people come around to houses knocking on the door and trying to sell stuff, this Saturday I opened the door to see a middle-aged man standing there and then he started talking trying to sell me some life insurance. I wondered for a minute and then invited him in.I showed him into the front room and he sat on the sofa, I sat next to him and as we talked I learnt he was 37 years old, married with two small c***dren. I eyed him up and thought ‘he should know what he’s doing’ as I was simply in need to have sex. As he prattled on about this insurance I watched him.Then as he stopped to breathe he looked at me and said “You’re not really interested are you”, I smiled at him, leaned towards him and kissed him. I pulled away then with my left arm around his shoulders leaned in and kissed him again, it didn’t take long for him to react.He placed his arm over my shoulders as he turned to face me, we were snogging quickly as I was desperate. A couple of minutes went by and his left hand moved over, and he was feeling my tits, ‘thank god’ I thought. He fondled me and then he lifted my T shirt and took it off over my head.His hand feeling my tits as we kissed and then he reached round and unclasped my bra, as he pulled the straps down off my shoulders he kissed my neck, then moved down, his tongue rolled over my nipple as he felt the other one, I gasped, as moved from one tit to the other.After he’d felt me up for a while he came back up to me and we kissed again, his hand still rubbing my tits. I moved my hand across and touched his cock through his trousers, as I’d seen mum do it. As I rubbed him and we kissed it didn’t take long before his hand moved down my leg.Then I felt his hand slide up under my skirt, I opened my legs easily as his fingers caressed the front of my knickers, it was good. I was still rubbing his cock and as he rubbed me a little more I gasped. God I was simply gagging for it, then after maybe thirty seconds or so he moved.He slid off the sofa and knelt down in front of me between my legs, I opened them and he bent down and licked the front of my knickers, OH MY GOD, this was DIFFERENT, but incredibly on turning. After a minute I felt his fingers in the elastic of my knickers as he pulled them down.Taking them off my ankles with me spreading my legs, I felt his tongue run over THAT SPOT, OH MY GOD, as his tongue flickered over me, this was 100% greater than been fingered. He slipped a finger inside me as his tongue danced across THAT SPOT. The feeling was building very rapidly.I was groaning, and I felt sweat on my brow, another minute went by and I was seriously coming, I started to groan louder, my body began to ...