1. Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 3

    Date: 3/4/2020, Categories: Novels, Author: Master_Jonathan, Source: LushStories

    ... as much of his cock meat in one swallow. The huge tool responded to her hard, wet sucking by bucking wildly, the cock-knob puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of her sucking, wet mouth. "Suck it, slut… suck my fuckin' cock!" the horny boy groaned. Connie really didn't need to be urged. She was desperate for a big mouthful of cum, and she sucked greedily to get it. The vacuum pressure was hot and strong, drawing the hot cream from his piss hole and making him groan with excitement. Her hair flew as her head bobbed up and down over the glistening cock. Loudly and wetly she slurped on the tasty cock, hearing her own gurgling, smacking sounds as she fucked her mouth over Tommy's shaft. She became dizzy with lust as she became aware that he now knew what a cock-sucking slut she secretly was, that she actually craved all of the naughty and delicious things they were about to do. The cock throbbed, beating on the roof of her mouth. Connie thrust her left hand into her lacy, wet panties, beginning to rub her wet pussy. Shamelessly she finger-fucked herself and sucked his hard cock at the same time. Seeing his sex-starved neighbor fingering her wet snatch ...
    ... while she sucked on his big cock was just too much for the horny Tommy. "Unhhh! I can feel it, slut! I'm gonna cum soon!" Tommy groaned. " Oh, suck it, suck me hard! This is really going to be a big one!" "Ummmhmmm," Connie moaned encouragement. Before too long Tommy was fucking Connie's face like a madman and both were moaning in pleasure. "Fuck, I think I am going to cum!" he gasped. He grasped Connie's head with both hands pulling her onto his cock and holding her there with his cock deep in her throat. "Ahhh fuck!" He grunted bucking into Connie's warm, welcoming mouth and holding her head still while he emptied his load into her mouth and down her throat. "Oohhhh fuck! I can taste your sweet cum!" Connie moaned as Tommy finished cumming in her. Tommy pulled out of Connie's mouth with a wet pop and laid back on the bed, panting and grinning. "That was one helluva blowjob!" he exclaimed, his dick glistening with Connie's saliva. She looked up from her position on the floor. "Just consider that a graduation blowjob!" she said as she kissed the tip of his cock again and lay her head down on his thigh, her mouth only inches away from his still throbbing manhood.