1. Femmes of Spring Break: The Coffee Shop

    Date: 12/12/2017, Categories: Femdom, Author: Paddler, Source: LushStories

    Dorothea finished typing a paragraph into her computer and sat back, looking at the screen with a frown. She shuffled through some of her notes and stared at a pile of books with torn paper bookmarks protruding at intervals. She sighed. “Nothing for it, gotta go back to the library.” She straightened up her desk and put on a jaunty yellow and blue hat. She was down the steps, across the walkway and out of the gate before the unseasonably warm spring weather distracted her from academic preoccupation. She took a deep breath and slowed her pace. Feeling the sun on her cheeks and legs, she shook her head as though to clear it. Down the street, on the edge of the campus, a sidewalk café beckoned. She sat and ordered a chocolate croissant and a latte. Dorothea relaxed and looked across the street to the nearly deserted campus. A maintenance crew trimmed hedges and two boys played catch with a football. I’m glad I decided to stay, she thought. I got caught up on all Sorority business and I have a big start on my research project. The barista arrived with her latte. She smiled her thanks, crossed her legs and took up the Independent Journal, the local free paper. An I’ve-got-a-secret smile passed her lips as one of the many advertisements on the back page caught her eye. Psychological Domination Submission begins with the mind — the body follows Yield to the will of a beautiful, no-nonsense Superior Fetishes Fulfilled: Limits Respected Apply online at www.psychdomme.com. Sandra's. She’s got it made. Gets paid to take out her hostility to men. She’ll graduate with a nest egg instead of debt. Selling it’s not for me, but I might feel differently if mom and dad hadn’t planned so well. She opened the paper and soon was it intrigued by an article about official malfeasance. “Excuse me, Miss. I believe you’re Dorothea Karras, correct?” An athletically fit middle-aged man wearing a tie with a sport coat over his arm stood by her table. “Yes. Do I know you? You look vaguely familiar.” The man smiled and said, “We did meet once, Miss. I’m Detective O’ Hagarty, and I came to your sorority because of the hazing complaint by that silly boy back in September.” Dorothea laughed aloud at the memory. “Oh, of course. As I recall, you had a better reaction than most of the officers who show up for the occasional complaints.” “May I please join you? I’d like to discuss something with you.” “Okay,” said Dorothea guardedly. The man sat and extended his hand. “I want you to know I’m not here in any kind of official capacity.” He smiled. Dorothea shook his hand but asked, “Why are you here, Detective?” “How well do you remember our brief meeting?” “Not very well. I do remember you asked no questions after you saw the boy’s release and you called him a “twit” or something for leaving.” Dorothea grinned at the memory. “I saw all you beautiful women. That guy blew the opportunity of a lifetime.” “We did make him suffer. That was the point.” “I understand. At least I think I do. ...