1. The Trolley Boy

    Date: 12/12/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Group Sex Mature / Older Author: hornybiker99, Source: xHamster

    My husband has taken our son to his hockey game and the twins went with a team mate from netball to watch the senior ladies game. I have taken the opportunity to dash off to the mall for some me time. I have my Nike tracksuit on with nothing underneath as this morning we had slept in and dashed off in a mad rush for Saturday morning sports. I parked the F250 double cab ute up in the empty part of the car park so I hard plenty of room to operate the truck. Being a tall skinny woman with jet black hair with small B cup tits and a big ass, the tracksuit was tight around my butt and puffy pussylips. My husband liked that I had a slightly slutty side. As I walked around the mall window shopping I noticed a several young men checking me out. I decided to be a very flirtatious slut I undid the zip on jacket until it was open level with my long hard nipples. Every so often when I knew that these young men were watching I would bend over straight legged and undo then retie my shoelaces. Feeling like the Pied Piper collecting rats. I headed to a deserted end of the mall where a under utilised handicapped toilet was located. Two boys not much older than my 16 year old son pushing a stack of trolleys passed me when my top slid all the way down to under my arms as I retied my shoes yet again. They were so close I could feel the heat from there bodies and see the bulges of what I hoped were two large cocks.Fuck look at nipples on her one said. When I turned and looked in the window I could see there reflections. Both were ogling my big brown ass. I breathed in and the pants slid down to my hips and with a little wiggle of the hips down to my knees, revealing my clean shaven pussy and asshole. Both boys had stopped to enjoy my little show. The loud gasps was a sign they were enjoying it.I returned to a standing position, turned to face the young men " Enjoying the show?""Yeah?""Get in here" I gestured towards the handicapped toilet door," Now!"Both boys entered quickly, not believing a 30 something semi naked woman was not only giving them a good view of her tits and pussy but had now invited them for a private session.As I slid the door shut behind them and locked it, I told them to get there hard cocks out I wanted to suck and stroke them. Time was of the essence.I squatted in front of them removing my top my pants now around my ankles. A twitching hard eager cock in either hand one brown one white. The Maori boy took charge his hand on the back of my head firmly held my ponytail steering my wide open mouth to his large brown member his hips making small thrusts as I deepthroated his dick. I gagged on his dick when he thrust his long shaft all the way in. His big brown ball sac slapped against my chin. I was stroking the other dick feeling it grow longer and thicker in my hand.He told me to get on my knees so his mate could fuck me from behind. I tried to move my head back."Yeah Na .. slut. Is your pussy nice and wet for my boy to fuck"He moved my head firmly ...