1. Oil Rig

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Gay Author: Tuppie, Source: LushStories

    Stacy loved cooking and feeding people. Growing up, he spent most of his time in the kitchen happily working alongside his mother, who was a very good cook. There was a saying about Kate (Stacy’s mother), that one should never pass on your signature recipe to her, because she would definitely improve upon it. It was, therefore no surprise when Stacy enrolled in a very highly respected chef’s school. It was a three year program, which offered frequent exposure to top restaurants. Once Stacy completed the course he got a job at a really good restaurant. Regrettably, the head chef, a dour man named Heinrich, turned out to be an enormous thorn in Stacy’s side. Heinrich had been away when Stacy was employed and had therefore not personally vetted Stacy’s appointment. Heinrich was a homophobe of note, and the slightly camp, attractive, and small framed Stacy, was an anathema to him. Stacy did his very best to keep his nose clean, but the relentless bully made his life a misery. Two months after he commenced working at the restaurant, Stacy had enough and decided to seek alternative employment. Scanning for opportunities as he ate his breakfast on a two day break, a very interesting advertisement caught his eye. There was an oil rig looking for chefs. The agency made it clear that they weren’t looking for cooks, but proper chefs, priding themselves on the fact that the workers on the rig were properly fed. Stacy immediately phoned the number and an appointment was made for that afternoon. The interview was brief and given his background, Stacy was offered the job. The two things that delighted Stacy the most, was that the pay was infinitely better than what he was currently earning, and secondly, the working schedule was unbelievable. One would work on the rig for a solid fourteen days and then be off for the following twenty-one days, and so on. A further thought that also crossed his mind, concerned the men he would encounter on the rig. Naturally, Stacy wasn’t naïve enough to believe that big butch hulks would be falling at his feet… but then, one never knew what lay ahead. When Stacy handed in his resignation the following morning, miserable Heinrich insisted he leave immediately. Not having to work the required two-week notice period, Stacy summarily informed the agency that he was ready for action. The agency was delighted, and arrangements were made for him to report for his first stint of duty, four days hence. Upon boarding the transport to the rig, Stacy was overwhelmed by the talent accompanying him. There was enough testosterone to fuel a top football team for a year. Once they arrived at the rig, Stacy was overawed by the sheer size of the structure. The room that he was assigned was small, but extremely functional. It contained a bed, a cupboard, and a desk. There were numerous ablution areas servicing every ten rooms, with the toilets and showers separated right and left of the passage. The toilet rooms each had five individual stalls, ...