1. Yorkshire Incest

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: malc72, Source: LushStories

    “I know it’s not what you had in mind for the summer holiday, Rosie, but the company is giving me a chance of a lifetime to see the American arm of the business, and says Mum can come with me, it is just too good to pass up,” Paul Johnson said as he smiled at his sixteen-year-old daughter. “Dad’s right, sweetheart, wish we could take you with us, but you don’t have a passport yet and there is no time to get you one,” Sandra Johnson patted her daughter’s hand. Rosie could feel the tears welling up in her eyes, but also the idea of three weeks without her parents keeping an eye on her was starting to appeal to her. “That’s all right, Mum. I will be fine here on my own.” “Oh, sweetheart, you aren’t going to be on your own. No, we have arranged for you to go and stay with Uncle George and Aunt Mary while we are away,” Sandra said. Rosie’s dream of partying and boys burst like a soap bubble. Three weeks in the wilds of Yorkshire in nineteen sixty was not her idea of fun. She remembered her mother’s sister’s house. Miles from anywhere, a black-and-white television in the small sitting room, and nobody her age to chill with. From memory, the closest café with a jukebox was three miles away. “Mum, Dad, I will be fine here on my own, honestly.” “No, Rosie, sorry, maybe when you are eighteen, but not yet. Mum and I will drive you up there next Saturday.” Rosie knew by the firm look on her father’s face argument would be fruitless. ***** “So good to see you all again,” Mary greeted them at the door and hugged her sister. “Come in; George will be pleased for the company. Rosie watched her aunt hugging her mother and thought how similar they were, Mary was older by a few years, maybe in her early fifties and with larger breasts, but facially the same. “My, young Rosie, how you have grown, quite the young lady now.” Her Uncle George stood up as they entered the room and after kissing his sister-in-law on the cheek and shaking Paul’s hand came to stand in front of his niece. “Pretty as a picture; have you got a hug for your old uncle?" and took her in his arms. Rosie had always liked her Uncle George, his strong Yorkshire accent and the smell of Old Spice which he habitually wore. She hadn’t seen him for two years, but he looked as trim as ever. Maybe a couple of years older than his wife. Rosie thought maybe it was her imagination, but the hug seemed to go on just a little longer than she would have expected, and his body seemed to press into her a little harder than necessary. “Come with me, Rosie, let me show you your room. I’ve put a portable radio in there; I know you young people like your music,” her aunt said, and picking up Rosie’s case led the way up the stairs to the smaller of the two bedrooms. “There you are, dear, I will leave you to unpack while I catch up with your mum.” Rosie looked out of the window at the rolling hills and thought to herself, “Fucking brilliant! Me and a thousand sheep, not a single boy’s cock in sight.” Rosie had been very ...