1. One Hot August Night

    Date: 9/13/2017, Categories: Hardcore, Mature / Older Anal Author: hornybiker99, Source: xHamster

    I knocked on the front door. Karen opened the door and stepped back to show her new husband crashed out asleep on the floor. "Sorry. He has had a long week. Working two jobs is taking it's toll""Yeah" being 18 I knew nothing of responsibility and doing what mattered. I walked in and followed her through to the back of the house. Watching her long lithe figure move gracefully through the house. My eyes were glued to her firm athletic butt and long long legs. My teenage cock throbbed in my pants.Walking out on to the patio and pool area I noticed the light reflecting off the rippling water in the pool. Karen was wearing her very sexy teeny weeny bikini. As she grabbed a can of lager from the table, pulled the tab, and took a mouthful then handed it to me. My eyes were all over her body and she knew it."Thanks" I swilled it back trying to dull the throbbing erection in my pants. She watched as I skulled the beer her eyes looking at my tall athletic build."Swim ?" I nodded. I turned away from her and removed my shirt then my jeans and underwear in one go and with two paces dived in and swam to the other end of the 10metre pool. Her eyes had focused on the 9" of young thick cock that stood proud. While I had swam to other end she had removed her bikini and climbed down the ladder in to the water. Standing at the opposite end she asked Do you like what you see? I looked down at my throbbing manhood. Fuck my cock was bigger than when I jerked off thinking of my older step sisters. "I … I … I do" I replied anxiously."Come here " she said quietly and her arm stretched out, as I tentatively took my first step, her finger indicated I should move quickly. I swam freestyle slowly across the divide , hoping, but not entirely confident of what was happening."Relax " she whispered. Standing a yard apart she moved forward closing the gap her flat chested breasts with stiff long nipples grazed my chest. I held my breath. Her hand wrapped around the girth stroking my now ginormous hard on. "I'm a sure thing" her leg came up and wrapped around my hip as she rubbed the head of my cock against her experienced slit. Moving her pelvis, grinding against me, my cock penetrated her wet juicy cunt. I moaned in pleasure as her velvet glove massaged my shaft. Her arms went around my neck and her other leg now wrapped me up and she pumped her hips against me milking my teenage cock. I breathed heavily my 13stone frame holding the weight of both of us in the water. I came with in seconds the pleasure and occasion over whelming."That was nice. To start I want the main course" she grabbed my semi hard prick and led me to the shallow end."Sit on here" she patted the wooden patio on the edge of the pool." Mmm I wanna taste you" I watched her seductive lips. I obeyed quickly keen for this to continue.Watching her, ogle my cock , her open mouth engulf my semi hard erection, her soft hand with wedding band on, expertly stroking and sucking my cock. Her head bobbing up and down. Her ...