1. An escort's life: For the purpose of performance.

    Date: 1/9/2018, Categories: Hardcore, Author: Writingguy, Source: LushStories

    "Let's give it a tug," said Paige, grabbing a man's cock and stroking it. "Whoa!" said the man, moaning. "You're a big boy!" said Paige, stroking the man and making him cum. At the age of thirty-five, Paige was a well-established escort in Nevada who made great money seeing high-end clients. Most of Paige's clients were wealthier older men who were in need for some intimacy. Paige had the kind of look that a lot of older and wealthier men seemed to go crazy for. Standing at five-foot-nine, Paige was a blonde with a nicely toned body who looked exactly like Robin Wright, famously known for her role as Claire Underwood in House of Cards. For the majority of the time, Paige just had to get in lingerie, blow her clients, maybe give a make-out, and it hardly came down to her being fucked. When Paige did get fucked, the client lasted a minute at most and was required to wear protection. "Done now Mr. Winslow?" asked Paige, smiling at her client while wearing her two-piece outfit. "Done," said the older man, smiling. Paige was at a point where she was making big bucks going after a certain kind of client, older and well-established males who were white. In order to avoid alienating her biggest buyers, Paige put on her escort page that she would only see white men. For Paige, the decision had to be made as her clients were not the most open-minded people in the world. As usual, the night ended and Paige went to her fancy apartment in town. The blonde made well over six figures and could afford the finer luxuries in life. Arriving at her apartment, Paige wore her tanktop with panties as she laid on the couch watching TV. The blonde had the lights off as she watched an episode of a reality show, not even showering after her long appointment. After an hour, Paige felt a presence in the room. "Nap done already?" asked Paige, turning around and smiling as she looked at a naked and young muscular black man with a long thick penis. "Work done already?" asked the man. "Hardly call it work," replied the blonde, getting up and making out with the man. The man was named Bone, he was twenty-five and worked as a trainer. Paige made out with the naked man who had his dark-skinned arms with rough skins around her pale soft skinned back. Bone kissed the blonde on her soft neck, soft cheeks, and then worked his way towards locking lips with her. The man aggressively locked lips with the blonde while running his hands all over her body, making her moan in excitement. Paige immediately took off her shirt and made out with the naked man, wearing nothing but black bra and panties herself. Paige kissed the man whose penis was rubbing against her soft skinned thighs, having her desperate to take her panties off. The blonde was aroused by the man digging his hands into the soft muscles of her back, squeezing her buttocks, rubbing her thighs, and just controlling her lean body with his arms. Bone did a little trick where he placed each of his hands on the inner thighs of the ...