1. Kate and Dylan - Twins in Lust

    Date: 1/9/2018, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Teen Author: Mystic47, Source: sexstories.com

    We were sitting in the gymnasium stands watching the girls’ volleyball team practice. I don’t think there is a prettier natural attraction than watching eleven teen girls in body hugging shirts and painted on mid-thigh spandex shorts. Even their thirty something coach was hot. As my best friend and I admired the bouncing tits and flashing legs he said to me “Damn she looks good, her legs go from the floor all the way to her ass, and her ass is a long way from the floor. God, those legs would feel great wrapped around my waist.” I was concentrating on three different female butts just then and didn’t catch who he was talking about “Huh, which one?” “Kate. Look at her man, she’s so awesome, I would pay to get her hot for me.” I looked across the floor to the girl he was talking about just as she leaped off the floor, her long lithe body stretched as graceful as a leaping Gazelle from toes to fingers as she spiked the ball down to the opposite side of the net. If a photographer had been able to catch her while her feet were two feet off the floor, he could have put the picture on the front of Sports Illustrated. Kate is a senior, like us. At 18 years, two months and 4 days old she is 5’9 ½, 132 pounds and wears a 36C bra. She has hazel down-turned eyes under full arched brows accented by long lashes. High prominent cheek bones border her nose which is straight but flares slightly at the tip. Wide full lips turn up in the corners in a natural attractive smile that reveals possibly her only flaw. She has a narrow gap between her upper front teeth that she can spit a stream of water through. Her shoulder length ash blonde hair looked styled by sweat and exercise just then. I even knew she has a two-inch scar on her left hip, just at the top of her thigh. Yeah, I had to admit Kate was pretty hot but there was a reason I knew so much personal stuff about her, I looked at Dean and said “Hey, quit talking trash about my sister goddammit, I’ll kick your ass.” He looked at me “Come on man, even you gotta admit you like hanging around your twin. Tell me you don’t steal peeks and looks when she’s walking around your house.” “Fuck you asshole, let’s get out of here, I have to warm up the car.” It was three days before Christmas and we’d just gotten out of our last class before a long holiday break. My family and I were going to Park City for a winter skiing vacation and I was looking forward to it. It was nasty winter gray and cold outside so I went to warm the car and wait for Kate to come out so we could go home. The heater was just beginning to blow warm air from the defrosters when she came out of the gym. She was walking with her best friend Pepper, a brunette who closely matched Kate in height and attractiveness but as they trudged through slush and stepped over chunks of icy snow it was Kate I watched. Her face was barely visible through the hood of her coat but her long legs wrapped in denim caught my eyes. I felt a wash of guilt as I imagined those ...