1. Box Shaped Heart Ch. 08

    Date: 1/9/2018, Categories: Gay Author: bylaurasfox, Source: Literotica

    Chapter Eight - Look At You Now The sofa was clearly there only for visual appeal and nothing more. Carter tossed and turned, but no matter what he did, how he coiled and uncoiled himself, he could not find an ideal sleeping position. Eventually, he settled for throwing his legs over one end, and lay there, like the perfect crash test dummy. There was no way he was going after Aron, like before, or sleeping in the same bed. In a way, this was convenient. He wasn't going to engage in penetrative gay sex with his best friend, if they were rooms away. Which left very few options, but what was he to do? Until he and Alex were going to switch back, he needed to make this marriage work. Even if there was barely a chance in hell for Aron to find out about the body swap - and believe it - he didn't want to be the cause of Aron's divorce from the douchebag. So, for the moment, he had to consider giving Aron a blowjob. How hard could it be? He had had it done to him dozens of times. Girls seemed to like blowing him. He could even remember asking one of his girlfriends why she liked to give him head so much. When she had looked at him, licked her lips, and told him he was delicious, he had almost wanted to test that. Unfortunately, he wasn't flexible enough to give himself a blowjob. Wait, what if Alex's body could? The guy was skinny and had the body of a dancer. That could definitely serve as a starting point. He wasn't sleepy anyway, so he quickly shed off all his clothes and sat on his ass. How was he going to go about it? Maybe if he leaned in. The problem was he wasn't hard. He tried to remember that girlfriend and how she used to suck his dick like it was some magical lollipop. The way she had lapped at his dick was almost making him in the mood for that, too. Great. Now he was hungry. Maybe he could search for something in the kitchen. Something with zero carbs, preferably. He needed to take care of the asshole's body, and he had already made a pact with himself to eat just one hamburger a day. He wasn't that much of a scumbag to return Alex a flabby body, with sky high cholesterol levels. And he was going to work out, to keep in shape. Now, back to the task at hand. His dick was still soft. The mental detour about food hadn't helped, apparently. Now, what to think about? Maybe he could browse for some porn. He fumbled with his jeans dropped on the floor, to take out the phone. Wow, he was going to taint a gay guy's phone with straight sex. Hmm, his fingers hovered over the screen. Maybe he needed to watch some gay porn? It was Alex's body, after all, maybe it wasn't going to react to pussy and tits. Well, gay porn would also be instructional, he thought philosophically. After all, he was preparing to give a guy a blowjob. Well, it was supposed to be easy. Type in the biggest porn site, go to the gay section ... He put the phone down. What on earth was he doing? There was no way he was going to watch gay porn. He wasn't ready for it. Not that he had ...