1. Night At Kodaikanal With Cousins

    Date: 1/9/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Sexyamu212, Source: xHamster

    deleted deleted deleted deletedI am modern girl with some limitations in lifestyle. This story happened in our family trip to kodaikanal. If you dont like i****t, please close this story.Trip members1. Me2. My mom3. My moms sister4. My moms sisters son – mani (name changed)5. My aunty’s son – kumar (name changed)We used to have family trips like this every year. Before going into the story let me say one thing frank. I have had my brother mani many times in bed. Even he is like brother to me, I have not restricted to expose me in bed. But please dont think much about our bed relation. We had some anal shots and I used to suck him well , whenever he needs my service.We reached kodaikanal, went to our booked cottage kind of house.. That had 2 bedrooms and one hall. Me and my brother needed a separate room to enjoy the 3nights and 4days trip. We always expected a nice place with cool climate, as we got it there we need to enjoy well. My brother showed me 3 packs(each pack as 3 pieces) of condom in his bag, saying he want to used all in my ass in that trip.So out next step is to make kumar stay out of our room by any means. So my brother said his mom. He need a separate room for seeing tv and he will keep more sound. My mom and his mom said they will be staying in a room and we 3(me, mani, kumar) take one room and see tv. But me and my brother started making plan to keep kumar out of our room.Day1First day morning started. I wanted to suck my brother well before bathing.. But kumar was inside .. So unable to do so.. But I was much eager to make that before I go to bath and refresh.At 10am a jeep came to take us for outing and sight seeing. So we all started sight seeing and me &brother was looking for good opportunity to do some kinky fun. But most places had crowd and we are unable to move anywhere. We both are so hot due to the climate. My brother is unable to control and he slide his hand near my hip and tried touching my one side boobs and I just covered that area by my overcoat.. So others dont see it. That action made me more hot.Then we had lunch at one hotel, then evening 3pm we are back to our cottage. We 3 sat on bed and started watching tv. I was signalling my brother, I need one hot suck. Then our fate.. Kumar started sleeping in same room.. So we did not have any chance to enjoy.Then night after dinner.. Brother made a plan. And kept more sound in tv and as we expected kumar went to hall to sleep.Then our fun started, I sucked him well and he put his condom and made me in doggy style and ride my ass well. I was in heaven. Cool climate and he was making my body hot. I loved the session. Finally he took his cock out and removed condom and spray in my mouth.. Wow, it was awesome tasty. The same night we did 2 rounds and happily slept well.Day2Again like the previous day we did not have opportunity to enjoy anywhere, we are back to cottage by 1pm , we had good lunch and went to our rooms. Again we made plan to send kumar out so we can enjoy ...