1. Night At Kodaikanal With Cousins

    Date: 1/9/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo Group Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Sexyamu212, Source: xHamster

    ... enjoyed every bit of my ass. He ordered mani to join us, so it will be more joy instead of silent room. Now my brother started to give his cock in mouth. Wow that was the first time I am in bed with 2 boys, one riding my ass and one boy is fucking my mouth. I started feeling a hot blood running all over my body. I am not sure if I became like a bad girl using 2 relative boys, but I wish it was not the last time. Now both boys are in hot mood and ready to blast in me.My brother was enjoying the scene and informed kumar – “this girl needs to be treated more. Dont drain your cum in condom. Pour it inside her mouth, she loves to suck and drink that stuff.” . Sure these lines would have made kumar more hot and he pulled cock out and made me sit on bed. He stood near me showing his cock near my mouth. Now both removed their condoms, he said blast and at same time I opened my mouth and they both poured in my mouth.Then both went to clean their cocks and at that time, I was using my fingers to collect the cum that is on my face and tasting them with tongue. Both came out of the bathroom and lay on bed. Now they both joined and said you are too good come to bed.I then went to bathroom and cleaned myself up, moved to bed, laid between both boys. They said “ramya, now you belong to us. We can join and enjoy whenever we need”. Both kissed me and we slept happilyNext day, we 3 said that we are tired and not interested to come for sightseeing, our moms left out and we locked the door and started the same game again. 3rd night of the trip was also enjoyable with my cousins.As said previously, when we left from kodaikanal, all packs of condoms are used up.