1. Industrial Visit – Part II – DJ Night

    Date: 1/11/2018, Categories: Group Sex Hardcore, Interracial Author: bnglrcoupl4sex, Source: xHamster

    deleted deleted deletedRiya is the name I have used multiple times over casual hook-ups and erotic encounters. For obvious practical reasons, I cannot share my real identity here. This is the second experience in the “Industrial Visit” series of stories. You should be able to enjoy this story without a lot of continuity overlaps except knowing that Rohan is one of my ex-boyfriends. If you want to enjoy it fully with all continuity and references, please go through the 1st part before this one.From Ambala, we went to Shimla by a bus. Once we reached Shimla, our staff checked us into a nice 3-star hotel. Even though it was a college trip, it was arranged and managed by group of students. Their leader, our college’s General Secretary, my second ex-boyfriend (let’s call him Neeraj). We had broken up few months back. Even when we were together, it was never about feelings. Our relation was more of an endless series of one-night-stands with same person.Anyway, most of us allocated ourselves to rooms with our friends. I took up a room with 2 of the girls in my group. Once we got our luggage in, I went to the washroom and took off my clothes. I could see the marks of Rohan’s and my cum trickling down my thighs. I’ll be honest, I felt dirty and had to take a shower immediately. Being in a girl-room, I came out with the towel wrapped around me. Now this was the hotel’s towel, so I didn’t want to have it on me any longer than necessary. As it goes with my college’s IVs, the first night is usually DJ-night, so I decided to sport the slutty attire. So, I went by my luggage, took out a pair of inner wears, a black backless 1-piece gown, knee length, with side-cuts.After last night, I knew Rohan was going to be looking for me, and I wanted to be ready for his eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to look pretty for a knight in shining armor, I wanted to invoke his hunger. I wanted to make his heartbeats dance to the rhythm of my body. I wanted to dominate the hell out of him tonight, like I let him dominate me the previous night. For that, I wanted to make sure I looked my very best. The desired effect was to transfix his eyes on me so that I could get him to do whatever I wanted. I took off the towel, walked towards the mirror and held the gown in front of my body, looking into the mirror.“Breathtaking!”, I heard Neeraj’s voice from behind me. Yes, it was looking indeed breathtaking. But I was sure Neeraj wasn’t looking at my clothes, rather at my bare back.“What are you doing here?”, I asked with fake anger, without bothering to cover myself.“DJ will start in 15 minutes”, he said, with an unapologetic, matter of fact tone.“Don’t you knock?”, I teased him, with a slight smile.“Did I ever?”, he said, with a smile halfway between naughty and pure evil.He never did, I thought. He never knocked. Literally, or figuratively. He did what he wanted, and took what he pleased. That’s what I used to love about him. Even the first time we had made love, he had almost ...