1. bigcockforlinda

    Date: 6/17/2019, Categories: Interracial Your Stories Author: richie, Source: SexStories-Hot

      once  met with stan.he was in the room waitingwith a raging hard on.my wife immediately went for his long black dick.she licked up and down the shaft,then .precum was oozing from the slit.she lapped as it seeped from stans blackshaft she rolled  her pink tongue all over the head,
    sucking the clear liquid into her lips and swallowing it hungrily.
      stan began fuckingin and out of lins hot mouth.her lips stretched wide with his massive meat.evry few strokes he pulled from her sweet lips and she  jerked  him while she lapped over his length.more salty cum ozed from the dark knob.
     i told her to suck his long cock."suck him baby,suck that fucking cock".she bobbed her head up and down while jerking him into her mouth."mmmpphhh" was all she could mumble as he sawed in and out of her whore white mouth.
     stan pulled from her mouth and replaced his cock with his big lips,thrusting his tongue down her throat LIN KEPT HER HAND ON HIS COCK,JERKING HIM OFF WHILE KISSED HER.stan kissed her neck,then slowly worked his way down to her fine titties.he held her tit in his hand as he sucked her long hard nipple.I said "suck those tits Stan,bite them man" he grazed his teeth over the hard nubs, making my wife squeal with delight.he moved to the other breast and repeated the move.lin was in heaven.
     he stated kissing down her body till he got to her wet,hot pussy.my wife spread her legs wide apart,giving him access to her womanly delights.
     he stabbed his tongue deep into her trimmed ...
    ... cunt.she let out a loud moan.."ohhhh god yesss,eat my pussy baby ,
    suck it good.yessssssss".she humped her ass to his sucking lapping tongue.he probed her sweet pussy.she moved her ass faster and faster as he sucked her cunt.I screamed"eat my wife stan, eat her and make her cum".he lapped as he squeezed her ass cheeks.she kept thrusting her hips to his sucking mouth.
       she screamed "I'M CUMMING ,OH FUCK I'M CUMMING.AHHHHH YESS TONGUE FUCK ME YOU MOTHERFUCKER OOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS",As she arched her hips ,releasing her cunt juice on his face.
     stan moved up and began kissing her, letting her taste her love juice on his lips and tongue.she licked her love juice from his face. 
     he then moved between her gaping thighs and placed his cock at her cunt.he eased the large purplish head into her well lubed pussy.she moaned with pleasure as he slipped more dick into her hot hole."OH YES STAN,FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK.FUCK ME BABY FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEE"
     H e started fucking her faster,giving my wife long deep strokes.fucking in and out.his cock was glisteng with her juices.she was cumming like a geyser.lin cums fast and often.she moved in rhythm with his long thrusts.
     I said "give it to her stan,give it to her harder".he looked over at me grinned and said" you love watching me fuck linda,don't you"? pounded his meat into my wife.I SAID "YES STAN YOU FUCK HER SO GOOD.KEEP GIVING IT TO HER.YES FUCK HER ,FUCK HER HARDER MAN".his ass moved faster and faster.her head moved ...