1. My ex wifes apartment

    Date: 8/5/2019, Categories: Gay Your Stories Author: Michelle loves cock , Source: SexStories-Hot

    Im Michelle. Been wearing women's clothes since I was 12. My ex wife was out of town and said i could stay at her place for the weekend. I lived with my parents. So i called up a friend to stop by. I put on a cute pink babydoll n thong, thigh high fishnets and some heels. I used some of the exes makeup. Got all dolled up. My friend finally got there. He sat on the couch and i sat on his lap and kissed him groping him the hole time. I pulled out his cock and started kissing and licking on it. Some how i ended up on my back with his cock in my mouth. He pulled out when he came. I had a face and mouth full of hot cum!!  O but he wasn't done with me yet. He pulled my panties to the side and put his cock inside me ,and fucked me so good. Over and over again. In the morning i browed some clothes from the ex lol .i slipped in to panties and bra, with heels, made him breakfast. And gave him head while he ate. He said my cock is still hard and i haven't got off. So i asked what I should do. He pulled my panties down and pulled me down on his cock. Then we layed in bed together.