1. sex with my teacher

    Date: 8/11/2019, Categories: First Time Your Stories Author: Angela peirce, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Teacher I said.i need to go to the bathroom! Of course you may go.i walked down the hall to the girls restroom and went into a stall. I took of my skirt and panties and started rubbing my pussy. I bit my lip and and went harder, my fingers deep inside my pussy.i moaned and cummed a little.after what seemed like a while I put my panties and my skirt and headed back to class. By the time I entered the class room everyone was gone and the teacher was at his desk. He looked up and saw me, Rachel. He said, come here.shit! I thought,I’m in trouble now.i went up to him. You need a punishment, Rachel. Huh? I said. Go lock the door Rachel. I locked the door and went back over to his desk. Now. He said, sit on my lap.i was confused. Did I hear you correctly sir? I asked. Yes now sit on my lap.i made my way over to him and sat on his lap.he pulled up my skirt. WHA- I exclaimed. He put his hand over my mouth.shhhhh Rachel.he slowly pulled down my underwear and unzipped his pants. He had no boxers. I started to get horny.i could see his big rock hard cock. Then he took his dick and shoved it in my untouched hole. Daddy! I moaned. Move your hips for me Rachel. I moved my hips slowly in circles and moaned. He started to gruop my tits while he fucked me in ...
    ... the ass. We both moaned louldly. I started to moan even louder. D-DADDY FASTER.i cummed. He removed his cock from my ass and let his cum spill out. He grabbed my hair and made me get on the floor and suck his cock. Drink up Rachel. He said. I didn’t hesitate and drunk all of his cum.  It had a sweet taste and a strong smell. I liked the way his dick felt in my mouth.  I removed my mouth. Lay down on my desk he said. I layed down on the desk on my back. He grabbed my legs and held them up. Do you want me to fuck you in the pussy or the ass? My pussy I said. He lowered his dick and slowly pushed his cock in my pussy. He thrustted it in and out. Damn your tight! He moaned he continued to fuck me in the pussy. He lowered his head to my face and kissed me. His tounge wandering around in my mouth. Out tounges werestled . We both cummed. Get in doggy position. I got on all fours. He grabbed my butt cheeks and push his dick in my ass. Slapping my butt while thrusting his dick in and out of my ass. It felt so good. After what seemed like an hour of having sex we got dressed and walked out the school building. He drove me home and walked me to the front door. He kissed me with his tongue before he left. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson Rachel.