1. What husband does not know will never hurt him. Intro to the family Into to the family.

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              My Uncle Bill, he would be out side of the bank waiting on his daughter to get off work, at 4:30 pm. It was the only time of the day, that I was home alone with my Uncle Bills wife, Grace/ my Aunt Grace. My Aunt is real knock out, a real fine piece of ass. She would turn heads of many many a man out on the streets or any place she went. Every stiff cock that I got was from being around my very very beautiful sexy Aunt Grace. Yes, I was a hot and horney teenager had a real crush on my Aunt Grace. Ofcource  it was all one sided at this time.  But my Aunt Grace, was a hot and horney women because shewas not getting any cock from her own husband, Bill at all. They had a wonderful marriage for almost 20 years. A whole lot of togetherness, a real nice family, in appearance. Just keep the marriage between my Uncle Bill and Aunt Grace out of the bed room.