1. A debt to be collected

    Date: 4/1/2020, Categories: Rape Your Stories Author: dedalus, Source: SexStories-Hot

    My name is Gabriel, I'm mexican and I'm 21. Last month Philip, my older brother, recruited me and three other young men to accompany him in a stolen Chevrolet Suburban to collect a debt of $ 3000 from a man he identified as Gustavo. The group included Robert, Francisco and a man they called “Smiley”. Philip promised to pay us to “rough up” Gustavo.
    Last monday evening, near midnight, Robert stole an old Suburban and turned it over to Philip, who was the leader and driver that night. Philip knew that Gustavo worked at a restaurant where he normally finished work between midnight and 1:00 a.m..
    So last monday just before 1:00 a.m., Philip drove us in the Suburban to the parking lot of an apartment building; Philip said Gustavo lived there and would be getting home from work. The plan was to knock on the apartment door, and if there was no answer, to break in and “rough up” Gustavo, whom we expected would be hiding inside. Philip carried a cane and Robert carried a bat.
    After knocking on the apartment door, Philip kicked the door down. Martha, Gustavo’s wife, had been asleep in the apartment’s only bedroom. The couple’s two young children were asleep in the same room. 
    We began shouting at her:
    "Who are you? Where is Gustavo?" 
    "I'm his wife. He's not here"
    "You're lying, where did the bastard hide?"
    As Francisco rifled through her closet, Philip beat her with a metal bat.
    "What the heck are you doing?" I said to my brother.
    But Philip didn't answer to me and shouted ...
    ... to Gustavo's wife again:
    "Where is the money, bitch?"
    Martha didn't answer.
    We were all staring at her. She was a pretty beautiful woman, she must have been around 25 years old. She was not very tall, had long hair and black eyes. She was wearing a black nightgown.
    "Let's wait for Gustavo here" I said to my brother.
    "No, I have a better idea. Let's take this woman with us and let's force her leading us to her husband. When we'll be there, he pay a ransom to have her".
    "Come with us and take us to your husband, bitch. If he doesn't have the money, we'll kill you!".
    Before leaving the apartment, Philip took some keys and I took the Martha's purse.
    Then Philip grabbed Martha and dragged her to the our car. She was barefoot and always dressed in a nightgown.
    Philip sat behind the wheel and Francisco in the front passenger seat. Martha was ordered to sit in the backseat and a shirt was placed over her head to obscure her vision. Robert and Smiley sat to either side of Martha, as I was next to Robert.
    "So, bitch. Where does your husband work?" Robert said to Martha, waving his bat over her head and putting his hand over her nude left thigh.
    "My husband works in a Mexican restaurant nearby, I will show the way to get there" said Martha, trembling.
    As our Suburban drove toward the restaurant where Gustavo worked, my brother laughingly told us to search the wife for weapons. So Robert grabbed Martha's nightgown from the sides and pulled it upwards. Martha screamed, trying ...