1. My step sis made me into her fuck buddy.

    Date: 5/5/2020, Categories: Incest / Taboo Your Stories Author: KongDong, Source: SexStories-Hot

    We lived in the country no one around for miles. Dad step mom, my self and my step sis. Parents were never home only on weekends. My step sis and I took  care of each other. We cooked and bathed each other didnt think much about it we were only 9-10 . we even slept together so we  knew we were safe. As we reached our teens she was matureing very fast . she was only 4ft4in 80 lbs but her tits were growung hughly. And she started haveing her periods. For some reason that same year as we approached 13 my cock was growing enormously. It hurt at times growing so fast and thick. We had always walked around naked but she saud I sjouldnt be seeing her hugh tits and she was growing hair around her tiny pussy. I saud I know. My cock is growing so hugh and thick and when we lay beside each other it gets extreamly hard and I start emageine how it would feel if I was to be able to drive it in side your tiny pussy . 
      She looked at me and said you can't!  For one reason your cock head us so hugh. Its 5 times bigger then my pussy. Your cock head would tear my pussy apart. And another thing in your step sis. Your saying you would like to fuck me!  I said I'm sorry. But you are extreamly gourgous. And yoyr hugh tits are hot. And your tiny shaved pussy rubs against my hard cock at night we we lay together and you turn toward me in your sleep wrapping leg leg arind me pressing ur tiny pussy lips against my hard cock head. After a little bit my hugh cock head starts tbroabing real hard between ...
    ... your pussy lips and your pussy starts getting wetter and wetter and you start pressing ur pussy against my cock head moaning and pressing harder and harder . you slowly roll on me more and more and moaning like your enjoying it mumbling oh yes oh yes.  And you can and com. Last night you was trying to fuck me in your sleep so I asked you. Sis I'm gonna fuck you now ok as I was pressung back at you. You mumbled fuck me fuck me. I reached down guildung my hugh cock head betwwen ur soaked pussy lips and pressed its head against your tiny hole. And genly pressed it in a little bit. I whispered in ur ear does that feel good my hugh cock inside ur not pussy. It's head is in you. Do you like it? You was gently pressing back at me abd saud oh yes oh yes. Put it all in. I pressed a little and saud its all in now. You love me fuvking you now don't you?  You saud yes yes I layed still for a min so you wouldnt wake up. And kepted my hugh cocj head against your tiny pussy hole all night. Ehen you woke up you felt my hugh cock head in between your wet pussy lips and asked me. Did you fuck me? I looked at her and said. You wad dreaning and got on top of me and grabbed my hugb cock shaft and pressed ur pussy over my hugb cock head and kept forceing my cock head in you till I got it in. Then you got really horny and started fucking me. You fucked me all night. You was pretty stoned. You even sucked me off after you got done fuckung me then I put my hugb cock back in you abd went to sleep.