1. Jackie

    Date: 7/16/2020, Categories: Straight Sex Your Stories Author: Willy Brown, Source: SexStories-Hot

    My name is Jackie and i am always teasing Marcus at work about him beind able to handle me in bed. He was always shy in responding especially around rhe other coworkers. One day while we were in the lunch room i noticed a bulge in Marcus pant front, it seemed to be a decent size but i started to feel my vagina tingle. I sat at the table across from him in a corner because i was too shy at this time to approach him and tell him how handsome he looks. For the rest of the day all i could think about was making love to him. After work i was walking to the parking lot when i saw him again, he smiled at me and i sad "hey" and continued to my car. While coming out of the lot i saw Marcus again, by this time my panty was soaked, i offered him a ride and he accepted, we talked about almost every topic we could think about. He lived about 20 minutes from me so i took him to his house. I asked to use his bathroom, he let me in and gave me directions. His place was neat and clean, everything was in order, i am very surprised up to this day how i was so wet to the point that my panty was so soaked. I finished, washed my hands and came out. He was waiting for me in the living room wearing a blue shorts and white merino. There was the bulge again but it looked bigger this time, i wanted to see the size, i wanted it, my breasts felt hard, i wanted him. I told him thanks and left. I left my handbag inside with the car keys so i had to go back to him to retrieve it. When i knocked on the door ...
    ... he answered asked who it was, i said my name and he opened the door. I told him about the bag and he told me to come in for it, i asked for his number and he gave me, i smiled and raced home. As soon as i was in my room, i took off my clothes and sent him a text message. 
    Me: hey Marcus
    Marcus: hello
    Me: nice lips
    Marcus: huh??
    Me: jackie
    Marcus: what's up?
    Me: i like you
    Marcus: me too
    Me: i'm wet baby
    Marcus: i'm dry honey
    Me: dwl
    Marcus: what are you doing?
    Me: naked on the bed, legs opened thinking about you
    Marcus: ???
    Me: serious
    Marcus: stop it jackie, you're getting me hard
    Me: wow let me see
    Marcus: come
    Me: you sure?
    Marcus: mmhhh
    Me: ok i'll get pizza and ice cream with cherry on top
    Marcus: tempting
    Me: are you still hard
    Marcus: going to shower
    Me: wait for me
    Marcus: ok
    Me: come to the front door
    Marcus: why?
    Me: i'm outside
    Marcus: huh????
    I parked and knocked on the front door. He opened it and we went to the bathroom, we had a wonderful time washing each other..we went to his bedroom and i sucked his cock, about 10 inches, all of it in my throat. I sucked him to a climax. He then sucked my breasts and fingered my porky, 69 wow, i opened up my legs and took the entire length in my vagina, it was hot, it was sweet, painful but i loved it
    I felt it in my womb, my belly hurt, i knelt on the bed and he rammed my porky from behind, i loved it, backshot, lizard lap, handcart, wheelbarrow, headtop..pum pum was on fire. I wanted to run ...