1. Teacher

    Date: 7/17/2020, Categories: Mature / Older Your Stories Author: Curtis smith, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Janet pulled a tube of gel from her top drawer and gave it to me. We were both naked in her  bedroom, kissing, petting and fooling around. Precum was on my penis while her 36c breasts were as hard as a rock while the nipples very very pointed. She started to lick the head of the penis slowly and making circles around it. She would run her tongue along the shaft, up and down, what a sweet sensation. The sucking continued and i was on cloud 9. Can you imagine getting a blowjob from the sexiest teacher at our local high school? She took it all in and stated to gag, i became frightened and asked if she was okay. I don't know how 10 inches of penis fit into her small sexy mouth. She however continued sucking and i continued enjoying myself, wining and moaning, she sucked my balls and blew on them, while rubbing her clit. I was about to cum and i told her but she continued, i couldn't hold out any longer and came in her , she started sucking it out and i shivered, she swallowed the cum, took the penis out  and licked off the rest. I sucked her breasts while i got hard again, she felt it, got up and knelt on the bed, sank her head, arched her back and with her backside in the air and her wet vagina visible from behind. I got up and tried to put the penis head in her vagina but it wouldn't go in. I rubbed ...
    ... some of the gel on it and with a little more effort it went in half way. She screamed and told me to take time, held her waist and with gentle thrusts i penetrated her and started to have sex. Her vagina was tight as it was squeezing my penis and kind of uncomfortable. She got up and went to the foot of the stairs and put one foot on the second step and held down her head, this time i went in the vagina a little easier. When i pushed forward she would push back on me, i started to push more length in her and she screamed for me to stop. I took out my penis and began stroking it while i stood looking at her, she was on her bed by this time with one finger in her vagina, she took it out and put it in her mouth very seductively. Janet lay on the bed, opened her legs and told me to kiss her lips and soothe her pussy, i made small kisses around it, then tasted it. I was told to take my time, i noticed that everytime i put my tongue in her she would squirm. She said i was to continue licking it. While i licked her she rubbed the top of her clit faster and faster until she came and soaked the bed. We lay there for a while until she started to stroke my penis, lick it and talk dirty. I put two fingers in her drenched vagina and played with it. I came and she licked it all up. Nice lesson from my sexy teacher.