1. Kissing

    Date: 7/17/2020, Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob Your Stories Author: Julius Jackson, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Sharon was in the bathroom having a shower before work while i was still in bed. When she came out she was wearing only a red bikini panty, i could see the split and pussy lips printing out. I said good morning and rubbed my nose on her panty where her cunt was, she was frightened and sat on the bed, i kissed her through the panty and she loved it. I shifted the crotch and kissed her cunt, she took off the panty and asked me to do it again. Time went by very quickly and she was getting late for work so we stopped and she went back to bathe. This time she wore no panty out of the bathroom, i dried her and selected a blue mesh bikini for her to wear. She told me that she wanted to spend the day in bed because what i did made her weak. She dressed and had to call a taxi to reach work in good time. She called later to tell me she reached work but we must continue later. About lunchtime she was home, she dropped her bag at the front door after locking it and started to pull her buttons. In no time she was naked asking for more. We showered and while in the bathroom i knelt before her and told her to put one leg on my shoulder and she did. I kissed and licked her pussy til she started screaming. She told me to stand and she sucked the head of my cock and told me later because lunch time is almost up. She showered and left again. About 5 minutes after she came back asking me to do it again so i kissed it and tell after work she'll get more.