1. Ms. Monica 1

    Date: 11/11/2020, Categories: First Time Your Stories Author: Richard Blake, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Monica was in the shower washing her hot, sexy body, her breasts were nice and perky with small nipples, her face was round with nice lips and dreamy eyes. She had sexy bow legs, her pussy was very interesting, neatly shaved with nice lips and the tip of the clot peeping out at me. I took off my shorts, closed my eyes, slowly stroked my penis and licked my lips as if I was licking her clit. When I opened my eyes she was not in the shower so I quickly put on my shorts and went to my room. All I could think about all day was Monica naked, how I would love to kiss her breasts. Lunchtime came and I received a message on my phone, I opened it and there was a pic of a pussy, I replied "interesting". I went to sleep about 4pm and dreamt that Monica was in bed beside me and i sucked her breasts and licked her nipples while she moaned and played with my penis. I kissed her thighs and gave her  pussy a long, wet French kiss through her white mesh panty. She began to gyrate her waist and telling me that she has enjoyed all that I have done for her. I shifted her panty crotch to see her clit, her pussy smells like strawberry, I tasted it and started licking the clit slowly at first before picking up the tempo. She was nervous at first but she started to enjoy it and rubbing my head. Suddenly I woke, my shorts was wet, I had a wet dream..embarrassing, well at least Monica enjoyed it. Part 2 coming soon.