1. My nasty neighbor Sue and friend Susan

    Date: 3/23/2021, Categories: Fetish Your Stories Author: Anonym, Source: SexStories-Hot

    Sue and her husband were divorcing and she’s all alone across the street from me.
    I love watch her 36DD boobs bounce while she cuts the grass.  
    My wife and I invited her and another big boned neighbor over hat afternoon to get in our pool and jacuzzi.
    I thought I was dreaming when I came out of the garage and saw these massive boobs floating in the bubbles all the while the three ladies laid back with their eyes closed enjoying the warm water!
    Well I had such a boner I told myself I need to see her lingerie Sues.  Hell see it I want to wear it!
    Sue told me she was taking her three Irish setters to a dog show tomorrow, well here’s my opportunity!
    I watched her leave and quickly ran across the street.  Sues a very trusting she never locks her doors.  
    I entered her house and went directly to her bedroom and stripped!
    Opening her dresser drawers I found her undies, I like to call it lingerie because it’s very seductive!  Ohh the lace and colors were more than I imagined!
    I picked up a black frilly 36DD bra and put it on, finding matching panties was more than I could’ve hoped for!
    Slipping those silky panties and bra on gave me an instant boner!
    But wait, further in I found garter belts and stockings in several “oil slick” shine colors.  I chose red to accentuate the black bra and panties.
    My brains in bliss overload!  I went into her closet looking for some of her sexy clothes when I heard her Ranchero pull up and shut off.  I ran to a ...
    ... window and saw Sue come thru the front gates!
    Shit!  What to do, what to do?  I know I’ll hide in her bathroom!
    I ran to her bathroom and hid in her shower hoping this will be a quick in and out for her.  
    Hunkering down I heard her the front door open and close, her footsteps came into the bedroom and abruptly stop.
    The next thing I hear is Sue calling my name, demanding to come out of hiding.
    I tell her I’d rather not, you won’t like what you’re going to see!  She yells “Get your ass out her NOW!”
    I slowly slipped my black stocking covered leg around the wall allowing her to get an idea of what’s to come.
    I slowly crept around the wall exposing myself in her lingerie!
    WTF was all she could say, but then she said freeze buddy I need my camera!
    NO NO SUE PLEASE NO PICTURES!  Ha!  If you think you’re getting out of this that easily you’re sorely mistaken!
    She snapped a bunch of pictures of me posing all dolled up.
    Now she says I have a very special treat for you.  While I make the necessary arrangements for tonight’s activities I’ll need you secured.
    First put these handcuffs on behind your back  and follow me.
    We left her bedroom and walked down a short hallway to a rear room she’d transformed into well a bondage room.
    Flipping on the lights I saw the walls were covered with whips, cuffs, straps, hoods, gags etc.  
    Sue said this is for you pointing to a Pillory which is stock that holds ...