1. Becoming Bo's Bitch

    Date: 3/30/2021, Categories: Fiction Your Stories Author: Becca Blake, Source: SexStories-Hot

    I've been contemplating back and forth, on whether or not i should even write this down. I realized that it might be healthy to analyze
    what had happened last summer. So here we go. First off, my name is Becca and i am nineteen years old. To get a picture of 
    what i look like, think typical cheerleader type, blonde, 5' 8", 115lbs. My tits? Well lets keep something to your imagination.
    So last summer, friends of my parents were going out of town on a cruise, and they asked me to house sit for them. they would pay me
    to water their plants, and take care of their pets. They have a really nice house on a secluded lake, they gave me permission
    to stay their while they were gone. This was perfect, finally freedom. A huge house to myself, a beautiful lake to relax in. 
    This was my last summer before i start college in the fall, so i thought of this as practice for living on my own. All i had to 
    do was a few chores, and take care of their dog and two cats, simple. Their dog Bo was a chocolate lab, he was so sweet, he would
    sleep at the end of my bed and always follow me wherever i went. The next morning was when things took off. I got up early and took a kayak across
    the lake and back it was a good workout. When i got back i decided to take a quick shower, since i worked up a sweat. The guest
    bedroom "where i was staying" had its own bathroom, the shower heads worked wonders on my back. I have to be honest, i was enjoying the 
    shower probably more than i should have. I ...
    ... started touching my pussy. Now back home i shared a bathroom with the whole family,
    i never pleasured myself in the bathroom. But i have this house to myself for a two weeks, why not enjoy it. The whole time 
    im sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy, i keep wondering if im being watched. This is a strange new place, and the paranoia sets in
    im being so quiet as if the neighbors across the lake could hear me starting to moan. Just when i was about to climax, Bo starting
    barking real loud. Me yelling at him seemed to make it worst. I stepped out of the shower, and went to grab a towel out of the drawer
    but of course no fucking towels. Stupid me should have checked before getting in. So here i am naked, soaking wet, creeping 
    around each corner, praying to god there's not somebody out there. following the sound i slowly make my way downstairs to the 
    living room, to find Bo and one of the cats playing under the coffee table. The cat jumped, knocking a potted plant over. I ran
    over to pick it up making sure the dirt would ruin the carpet. The tv remote and the batteries were scattered, one battery rolled
    under the coffee table. As i bent down to grab it, Bo's snout was driven into my still wet pussy. The shock and sudden surprise
    sent i tingle all the way up my spine causing me to smack my head on the underside of the table. I struggle to get out from under 
    the table, while Bo is going to town licking my pussy so vigorously that my legs won't do what i want them to ...