1. Surprise

    Date: 5/5/2021, Categories: Fiction Your Stories Author: Anthony Black, Source: SexStories-Hot

    I first saw my best friend Alicia pussy when she was in the bathroom one day, she is about 5'7" and very sexy with wide hips, medium breasts and a firm ass. It was bald and very attractive, the lips were pouty and the clit was glistening. I was immediately horny. I went to my room and masturbated thinking about her nice little wet coochie. I started having dreams about kissing her all over her body and playing with her hot sexy breasts. One day I told her that i often masturbate and think about her, she smiled and said i should stop it. Lately, in my dreams she has been asking me to kiss her pum pum. One night while we were in the settee watching a movie and drinking rum cream, she was wearing a very short, thin blue silky shorts, blue thong and white spaghetti strap blouse.
      After a while i put my head in her lap and we continued to chat and laugh while watching the tv. Alicia was silent, she had fallen asleep, by this time my face was turned to her vagina and i began rubbing her shoulders slowly. I lifted her blouse and licked her nipples and sucked her breasts. I kissed her belly and run my tongue around her navel. I could hear her ...
    ... breathing heavy and letting out little moans. I slid off her shorts and to my surprise, her panty had pearls at the front that were resting on the top of her clit. I kissed her porky lightly and rubbed my tongue on the pearls. I put my middle finger in her vagina and found her g spot, rough and spongy. I slid off her panty and used my tongue to flick her c spot, licking and sucking her pum pum while playing with the g spot. I located her A spot which is further up in her pussy about 2 inches above the g spot. I french kissed her pussy and she moaned and sighed. I can feel her hips starting to move as she gyrates. I put fruit basket flavoured ice cream on her pussy and she woke up to the sudden cold between her legs. I suck the cream, lapped it and ate it all off. She held on to my head very tight, pressing her pum pum in my face, i pushed all my tongue in her licking her out until she screamed and begged me to stop, i continued until the screaming and trembling subsided. We fell asleep same place in each others arms. I woke in the morning without clothes and handcuffed to her bedhead while she was getting dressed for work...i love you Alecia.