1. Cream & Sugar

    Date: 9/18/2017, Categories: Fiction Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Straight Sex Interracial Trans Written by women Author: XtinaSmith, Source: sexstories.com

    “Remind me, how did I let you talk me into coming here again?” Lacy asked, her voice soft and shy as she glanced around, cheeks flushed with colour, trying to look at everything while, at the same time, avoiding looking at anyone. Gia grinned, leaning back in the seat she had just occupied, her Armani handbag close beside her heeled foot, a couple of her fingers drumming idly on the table as she shrugged amicably, glancing around the cafe, trying to spot someone. “Because it’ll be fun, you shouldn’t be so stuck up you know Lacy, though, I have to say, it’s cute when you get all blushy.” Gia laughed lightly as she once again focused her attention on the girl, her Italian accent rich in its honied warmth, her words deepening the shade of the girl's cheeks. “I’m not stuck up…” Lacy mumbled defensively, folding her hands on her lap as she sat in the booth seat, her back perfectly straight, “This place is just a little… You know… Lewd?” Gia smiled, enjoying the anxious expression on her little friend, “Come on Lacy, sweety…” She tilted her head, waiting for Lacy’s flickering expression to once more land on her own, “You’ll love it here, I mean, whenever you’re around at mine you can’t wait to suck my cock, so why should this be any different, hm?” Lacy bit her soft lower lip and hunched her shoulders a little, embarrassed as she looked across at the olive-skinned Gia, taller, thicker and in every way more confident than she considered her slender pale self, “It just is!” “I don't see how hm?” Gia smirked, looking across and down at the doe-eyed girl who timidly brushed a strand of her long red hair behind one ear. “There’s people here to watch!” Lacy protested but was only met by Gia looking around theatrically. “...Don’t know if you noticed, but, they’re all here for the same things we are. So no one will be watching you.” Lacy parted her lips to object again, then pursed them, hesitating, her eyes drifting once more around the cafe to observe the various patrons enjoying their meals and drinks. She swallowed. “...Maybe just a small drink, okay?” Lacy finally relented with a sigh, eliciting another laugh from Gia who clapped her hands together. “Perfect!” Gia smiled, raising her hand to catch the attention of one of the passing waitresses, a brunette of medium build but generous assets who came to a stop beside the table, a gentle smile on her face. “Good morning and welcome to Cream & Sugar, what can I get for the both of you today?” She asked, her voice bright and nonchalant, obviously a well-rehearsed line. Lacy couldn’t help but to stare at the girl's attire, seemingly a pretty typical maids outfit, but one which had been trimmed back to display a bountiful amount of cleavage and hiked up so that while Lacy couldn’t quite see the woman's cock, the outline of it left nothing to the imagination. The waitress eyed Lacy for a moment, before looking to Gia with a raised eyebrow. “Sorry, it’s her first time here,” Gia laughed softly, “We’ll have um… A ...